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CER Book Review Archive

This archive contains links to all the book reviews, literature articles, author interviews and fiction that have been published in Central Europe Review, and also to a few that were published by our authors in other publications.

Book Reviews
(Alphabetical by book's author or editor)

Jan Adam
Social Costs of Transformation in Post-Socialist Countries: The Cases of Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary
Reviewed by Steven Saxonberg

Christopher Andrew & Vasili Mitrokhin
The Sword and the Shield:
The Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGB

Reviewed by Rob Stout

Timothy Garton Ash
A History of the Present: Essays, Sketches and Dispatches from Europe in the 1990s
Reviewed by Seán Hanley

James Aulich & Marta Sylvestrová
Political Posters in Central and Eastern Europe 1945-1995
Reviewed by Andrew James Horton

András Bozóki, ed
Intellectuals and Politics in Central Europe
Reviewed by Seán Hanley

Otokar Březina
Hidden History
Translated by Carleton Bulkin
Reviewed by James Partridge

Susan Buck-Morss
Dreamworld and Catastrophe: The Passing of Mass Utopia in East and West
Reviewed by Sam Vaknin

Martin Bútora, Grigorij Meseznikov, Zora Bútorová & Sharon Fisher, eds
The 1998 Parliamentary Elections and Democratic Rebirth in Slovakia
Reviewed by Magali Perrault

Shari J Cohen
Politics without a Past:
The Absence of History in Postcommunist Nationalism

Reviewed by Magali Perrault

Matthew Collin
This Is Serbia Calling: Rock 'n' Roll Radio and Belgrade's Underground Resistance
Reviewed by Alexei Monroe

Karel Čapek
Apocryphal Tales
Translated by Norma Comrada
Reviewed by James Partridge

Wilhelm Dichter
Szkoła bezbożników
[School of the Godless]

Reviewed by Justyna Sobolewska

Eric Dluhosch & Rostislav Švácha, eds
Karel Teige / 1900-1951
Reviewed by Sue Bagust

Henryk Domanski
On the Verge of Convergence: Social Stratification in Eastern Europe
Reviewed by Steven Saxonberg

Grzegorz Ekiert & Jan Kubik
Rebellious Civil Society:
Popular Protest and Democratic Consolidation in Poland, 1989-1993

Reviewed by Wojtek Kość

Martin Fendrych
Jako pták na drátě
[Like a Bird on a Wire]

Reviewed by Jan Čulík

Daniela Fischerová
Fingers Pointing Somewhere Else
Reviewed by Madelaine Hron

Sheila Fitzpatrick
Everyday Stalinism
Reviewed by Joanna Rohozińska

Frank Fox
God's Eye: Aerial Photography and the Katyn Forest Massacre
Reviewed by Joanna Rohozińska

Roman Frydman, Kenneth Murphy & Andrzej Rapaczynski
Capitalism with a Comrade's Face
Reviewed by Michael Kopanic Jr

Béla Greskovits
The Political Economy of Protest and Patience
Reviewed by Jeremy Druker

Henryk Grynberg
Reviewed by Christina Manetti

Henryk Grynberg
Z ksęgi rodzaju
[From the Book of the Species]
Reviewed by Christina Manetti

Elemér Hankiss
Fears and Symbols: An Introduction to the Study of Western Civilization
Reviewed by David Graber

Jeremy Harding
The Uninvited: Refugees at the Rich Man's Gate
Reviewed by Oliver Craske

Jonathan Haslam
The Vices of Integrity: E H Carr 1892-1982
Reviewed by Rob Stout

Vladimír Holan
A Night with Hamlet
Translated by Ian and Jarmila Milner
Reviewed by James Partridge

Bohumil Hrabal
Total Fears
Translated by James Naughton
Reviewed by Kathleen Hayes

Wilma A Iggers
Women of Prague: Ethnic Diversity and Social Change from the Eighteenth Century to the Present
Reviewed by Kathleen Hayes

Miroslav Jovanović, Karl Kaser & Slobodan Naumović, eds
Between the Archives and the Field: A Dialogue on Historical Anthropology of the Balkans
Reviewed by Dušan Djordjevich

Caroline Juler
Blue Guide Romania
Reviewed by Catherine Lovatt

Ismail Kadare
The Three-Arched Bridge
Translated by John Hodgson
Reviewed by Micah Jayne

Karel Kaplan
Nebezpečná bezpečnost: Státní bezpečnost 1948-1956
[Dangerous Security: The State Security Service 1948-1956]

Reviewed by David Lightfoot

John Keane
Václav Havel: A Political Tragedy in Six Acts
Reviewed by Kieran Williams

Herbert Kitschelt, Zdenka Mansfeldova, Radoslaw Markowski & Gabor Toka
Post-Communist Party Systems: Competition, Representation and Inter-Party Cooperation
Reviewed by Andrew Roberts

Benjamin Kuras
Nebýt Golema, Rabbi Löw, židovství a češství
[With or Without the Golem: Rabbi Löw, the Jewish Faith and Czech Identity]

Reviewed by Robert Řehák

Mart Laar
War in the Woods: Estonia's Struggle for Survival, 1944-1956
Translated by Tiina Ets
Reviewed by Mel Huang

Vytautas Landsbergis
Lithuania Independent Again: The Autobiography of Vytautas Landsbergis
Reviewed by Mel Huang

Elena Lappin, ed
Daylight in Nightclub Inferno: Czech Fiction from the Post-Kundera Generation
Reviewed by Kathleen Hayes

Stanisław Lem
[A Blink of an Eye]
Reviewed by Peter Swirski

Antoni Libera
Reviewed by Christina Manetti

Christopher Lord, ed
Central Europe: Core or Periphery
Reviewed by Dick Nilsson

Leo Lukas & Gerhard Haderer
Jörgi, der Drachentöter
[Jörgi, the Dragon Slayer]
Reviewed by Kazi Stastna

Ewald Murrer
The Diary of Mr Pinke / Dreams at the End of Night
Translated by Howard Sidenberg
Reviewed by James Partridge

James Naughton
Colloquial Czech: The Complete Course for Beginners (second edition)
Reviewed by Neil Bermel

James Naughton, ed
Traveller's Literary Companion: Eastern and Central Europe
Reviewed by James Partridge

Božena Němcová
The Grandmother
Translated by Frances Gregor
Reviewed by James Partridge

Walter Ötsch
Haider light: Handbuch für Demagogie
Reviewed by Magali Perrault

Milan Otáhal and Miroslav Vaněk, eds
Sto studentských revolucí
[One Hundred Student Revolutions]

Reviewed by Pavel Tychtl

Aleksandar Pavković
The Fragmentation of Yugoslavia: Nationalism and War in the Balkans
Reviewed by Sam Vaknin

Iva Pekárková
Gimme the Money
Reviewed by Madelaine Hron

Nebojša Popov, ed
The Road to War in Serbia: Trauma and Catharsis
Reviewed by Emil Kerenji

Hugh Poulton
Who Are the Macedonians?
Reviewed by Eleanor Pritchard

Derek Sayer
The Coasts of Bohemia
Reviewed by Jonathan Hughes Bolton

Hans-Henning Scharsach & Kurt Kuch
Haider: Schatten über Europa
Reviewed by Magali Perrault

George Schöpflin, ed
The Prague Conference:
The Westward Enlargement of Central Europe

Reviewed by Marietta Stanková

Jaroslav Seifert
The Poetry of Jaroslav Seifert
Translated by Ewald Osers
Reviewed by James Partridge

Robert Service
Lenin: A Biography
Reviewed by Rob Stout

Robin H E Shepherd
Czechoslovakia: The Velvet Revolution and Beyond
Reviewed by Magali Perrault

Scott Spector
Prague Territories: National Conflict and Cultural Innovation in Franz Kafka's Fin de Siècle
Reviewed by Jonathan Bolton

Peter Steiner
The Deserts of Bohemia: Czech Fiction and Its Social Context
Reviewed by Dick Nilsson

Zdeněk Suda & Jiří Musil, eds
The Meaning of Liberalism: East and West
Reviewed by Andrea Mrozek

Josef Škvorecký
When Eve Was Naked: A Journey through Life
Reviewed by Charles Sabatos

Richard Taylor, Nancy Wood, Julian Graffy & Dina Iordanova, eds
The BFI Companion to Eastern European and Russian Cinema
Reviewed by Daniel Lindvall

Jan Tesař
Mnichovský komplex: Jeho příčiny a důsledky
[The Munich Complex: Its Causes and Consequences]
Reviewed by Petr Zídek
(reprinted from Lidové noviny)

Vladimir Tikhomirov
The Political Economy of Post-Soviet Russia
Reviewed by Sam Vaknin

Vladimir Tismaneanu
Fantasies of Salvation
Reviewed by Steven Saxonberg

Jáchym Topol
City Sister Silver
Reviewed by Caroline Kovtun

Jiří Večerník and Petr Matějů
Zpráva o vývoji české společnosti 1989-98
[Ten Years of Rebuilding Capitalism: Czech Society after 1989]

Reviewed by Helen Carter and Magali Perrault

Tomas Venclova
Forms of Hope: Essays
Reviewed by Juras T Ryfa

Vitali Vitaliev
Borders Up!:
Eastern Europe through the Bottom of a Glass

Reviewed by Mel Huang

Ivan Vološčuk, ed
The National Parks and Biosphere Reserves in Carpathians: The Last Nature Paradise
Reviewed by Antonín Buček

Tomáš Weiss
Jáchym Topol: Nemůžu se zastavit
[Jáchym Topol: I Can't Stop]
Reviewed by Caroline Kovtun

Francis Wheen
Karl Marx: A Life
Reviewed by Rob Stout

Ralph M Wrobel
Die Bedeutung des Systemwettbewerbs für die Evolution und Transformation von Wirtschaftssystemen
[Estonia and Europe: The Importance of Institutional Competition for the Evolution and Transformation of Economic Systems]
Reviewed by Bernhard Seliger

Adam Zagajewski
Another Beauty
Reviewed by Charlene Caprio

Zbyněk Zeman
The Life of Edvard Beneš, 1884-1948: Czechoslovakia in Peace and War
Reviewed by Richard Crampton

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Articles & Review Essays
(Alphabetical by author)

Nineties Fiction in Croatia: Mirror from a garbage can
An overview by Zoran Ferić

Spectres of Anti-Capitalism
Three recent books examine capitalism in Central and Eastern Europe
Reviewed by Seán Hanley

A Colourful Bird in a Pale Land
The writings of Jurga Ivanauskaitė
A career overview by Howard Jarvis

Still Standing
Two accounts of regime stability in Serbia
Reviewed by Andrej Milivojević

The Nation's Poet
A recent collection sparks debate over Romania's "national poet"
By Emilia Stere

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(Alphabetical by subject)

The Enduring Desire to Write
An interview with Czech writer Daniela Fischerová
By Madelaine Hron

Jumping into Another Life
An interview with Czech writer Iva Pekárková
By Madelaine Hron

All's Well That Ends Well
An interview with Czech writer Josef Škvorecký
By Julie Hansen

I Wrote for Myself
An interview with Pál Závada about his book, Hungarian literature and life
By Gusztáv Kosztolányi

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(Alphabetical by author)

"A Letter for President Eisenhower"
By Daniela Fischerová

An Extract from Okamgnienie
By Stanisław Lem

Cobwebs: An extract from Gimme the Money
By Iva Pekárková

"The Modern Human Wind"
By Cyril Simsa

"The End of Bull Mácha"
By Josef Škvorecký

Chapter One from City Sister Silver
By Jáchym Topol

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