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Enter the CER eBookclub Members' AreaThe CER eBookstore

Central Europe Review has teamed up with MirHouse to bring you a selection of electronic books (ebooks) on a variety of Central and East European themes, from both familiar CER authors and authors new to CER.

This is all very nice, but...
What is an "ebook"?

I invite you to take part in this exciting new venture by joining the CER eBookclub. Membership entitles you to a 15% discount on everything in the CER eBookstore (and even higher discounts on selected items), occasional free ebooks and papers, advance notice of ebooks and other special products and services being developed by the CER team.

Our Current Selection of eBooks
Empire's New Clothes
Unveiling EU Enlargement
Eds József Böröcz and Melinda Kovács

An extensive look at the EU's eastward enlargement.
Click here for more information.
Killing Screens
Media in Times of Conflict
Dušan Reljić

An examination of media in conflict zones, this text examines the specific cases of Yugoslavia, Northern Ireland and Macedonia.
Click here for more information.
Out of the Ghetto
Gusztáv Kosztolányi
A Study of the Roma in Hungary
Click here for more information.
The Czech Social Democrats in powerAs They Sowed,
So Have They Reaped

The Czech Social Democrats in power
Štěpán Kotrba

The Social Democratic government is the most successful since 1989. So, why does everyone hate them?
Click here for more information.
Shedding the Balkan SkinShedding the Balkan Skin
Slovenia's quiet emergence in the new Europe
Brian J Požun

This text is a whirlwind tour of Slovenia and an introduction to the Slovenes. It provides a brief history of the region and its people, with a particular focus on the twentieth century, especially the late 1980s and 1990s. The author shows how Slovenia went from the brink of all-out war to star student of the EU all in a few short years.
Click here for more information and excerpts.
Memory and ForgettingMemory and Forgetting
Historical amnesia and post-Cold War attitudes in the Czech Republic
Martin D Brown

While the West is gradually revising its view of the Cold War, Czechs have simply rejected the previous Communist myths and enthusiastically taken up the most dogmatic Western interpretations on offer. They now view their own history through the myths of their former adversaries.
Click here for more information.
Out of TimeOut of Time
The Serbian opposition and its struggle against Milošević
Dejan Anastasijević (ed)

In the run-up to the critical Serbian elections, we take a look at Slobodan Milośevič's opponents. This ebook, produced by the Institute for War and Peace Reporting in association with Central Europe Review, is available free:
Click here for more information.
Greasing the WheelsGreasing the Wheels
The parliamentary enquiry into the Hungarian oil scandals
Gusztáv Kosztolányi

The scam of the decade: the shady deals, the sacks full of cash, the tanker loads of illegal fuel, the fake wine, the orgies, the FBI, the UN... it's all here.
Read an excerpt or order this ebook.
The Celluloid Tinderbox
Yugoslav screen reflections of a turbulent decade
Andrew James Horton (ed)

This set of essays with a special introduction by Dina Iordanova looks at film in a society torn apart by war.
This ebook is available free.
After the RainAfter the Rain
How the West lost the East
Sam Vaknin

The ever-controversial Sam
Vaknin sums up the fate of
the region in the 1990s. Has
"transition" all been for nought?
For more information and
to order, click here.
The Failure of a New History
Czechs and the Czech-German Declaration
Andrew Stroehlein

Czechs and Germans try to finish off some of the more difficult chapters of their history... and fail miserably.
This ebook is available free.
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If you have a book you'd like to see published, consider publishing it with Central Europe Review, the award-winning publisher of political, social and cultural analysis in Central and Eastern Europe.

Just send us an e-mail and tell us about your book project. If it sounds like a winning idea and if we're happy with the text, we'll put all our publishing and marketing weight behind it to make it a great success.