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CER Seen and Heard

Central Europe Review's articles and analysts are regularly cited and linked to by the world's media. Here are a few examples...

The Advocate (USA)

20 June 2000:
Out of Darkness
(highlighting our coverage of homosexuality and the law in Romania)


Arte TV (EU)

9 September 2000:
METROPOLIS programme
"Europa, wir kommen: Die unbekannte Slowakei"
(highlighting or coverage of Slovakia)


Arts & Letters Daily (NZ)

9 January 2001:
(highlighting our coverage of the Czech TV political crisis)

11 September 2000:
(highlighting our comparison of Greece and Central Europe)

11 October 1999:
(highlighting our story on Czech intellectuals)


BBC News (UK)

17 November 1999:
Remembering the Velvet Revolution

6 October 1999:
Writers without a Cause


The Christian Science Monitor (USA)

16 November 1999:
'Velvet' Change in Czech Schools
(highlighting our coverage of Czech education)

6 October 1999:
Danube Trade Blocked by Bridges
(highlighting our coverage of the Danube)


Cotidianul (Romania)

4 May 2000:
Situatia presei in Europa central-rasariteana
(highlighting our coverage of the Czech Republic and Hungary)


Deutschlandfunk (Germany)

28 May 2000:
Europa im 21. Jahrhundert: Erwartungen und Ängste in Europas Osten
An interview with CER's Hungary Editor Gusztáv Kosztolányi


Deutsche Welle (Germany)

30 September 1999:
Berlin - Prag: Nachbarn mit Zukunft
(highlighting our coverage of Czech-German relations)


The Editor (supplement to The Guardian, UK)

29 December 2000:
How we saved you from news overload
(calling CER one of their "favourites" and commending our coverage of the IMF summit protests)


Eesti Päevaleht (Estonia)

4 August 2000:
(a question for CER Baltic Editor Mel Huang)

13 July 2000:
(another look at CER)

9 November 1999:
(a look at CER)



27 April 2000:
Elsewhere on the Web
(highlighting our coverage of Yugoslavia)

11 April 2000:
Elsewhere on the Web
(praising our new design)

5 April 2000:
My So-Called Fate
(highlighting our film coverage)


Financial Times (UK)

27 October 2000:
European news page: highlights from around the web
(highlighting our debate on the future of Yugoslavia)


Global Beat (USA)

7 July 2000:
Balkan Conflicts
(highlighting our Balkan coverage)


The Guardian (UK)

20 September 2000:
Destructive discourse
(highlighting our ebook on the Serbian opposition)

9 June 2000:
The iron lady of Bosnia
(highlighting our profile of Biljana Plavšić)

19 April 2000:
(highlighting our film coverage)


Interazione (Italy)

22 May 2000:
Il Risveglio dell'Europa Centrale:
Avanti, tra ansie e speranze
(highlighting our coverage of Central Europe)


Libération (France)

15 December 1999:
L'Europe de Cork Ă Erzurum
(highlighting our coverage of EU enlargemnet)

20 October 1999:
Comprendre la politique de l'Autriche
(highlighting our coverage of Austria)


Lidové noviny (Czech Republic)

1 December 1999:
Tragédie, která se nekonala
(highlighting our book reviews)


de Lijst (Netherlands)

23 June 2000:
Global Transistor
(highlighting our article "Balkan Hardcore")


El Mundo (Spain)

21 November 1999:
Los letones, más cerca de Bruselas
(highlighting our coverage of EU enlargement)


NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands)

10 January 2001:
Rel tv Praag: 'géén kwestie van censuur'
(highlighting our coverage of the Czech TV political scandal)

22 November 2000:
Digitale Leestafel selection:
Oost-Europa Vreest Bush
(highlighting our analysis of the Bush's likely foreign policy in Central and Eastern Europe)


The Prague Post (Czech Republic)

25 October 2000:
Zeman Rails at Journalists
(discussing Czech media with CER Editor-in-Chief Andrew Stroehlein)


Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

26 September 2000:
(highlighting our coverage of Ukraine)


Radio National, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

29 October 2000:
The Europeans: Temelín, French views and Cyprus
(interview with CER Editor-in-Chief Andrew Stroehlein)


Radio Nederland (Netherlands)

22 December 2000:
Roemenië: onderaan de ladder
(highlighting our coverage of Romania)


Radio Prague (Czech Republic)

13 October 2000:
Temelín Nuclear Power Plant Comes Online
Interview with CER Editor-in-Chief Andrew Stroehlein

23 November 1999:
Havel Won't Interview?
Interview with CER Editor-in-Chief Andrew Stroehlein


Salon.com (USA)

5 October 2000:
In Praise of a Weak Euro
(citing our commentary on the Danish euro referendum)


Slate (USA)

3 November 2000:
Omnivore: The Daily Digest of Arts and Argument
(highlighting our interview with Josef Škvorecký)


Der Spiegel (Germany)

25 April 2000:
(highlighting our film coverage)

30 March 2000:
(highlighting our coverage of the Czech Republic)

1 March 2000:
(highlighting our coverage of Austria)

28 February 2000:
(highlighting our coverage of Germany)

2 February 2000:
(highlighting our film coverage)

18 October 1999:
(highlighting our coverage of Austria)


Star Gazete (Turkey)

9 April 2000:
Levent Kavas
(highlighting our article on the controversy surrounding the publication of Mein Kampf in Czech)


Utne Reader (USA)

3 October 2000:
Prague: Global Front, Local Depression
(highlighting our coverage of the Prague IMF riots)

6 April 2000:
Prague: Global Front, Local Depression
(highlighting our coverage of the Czech Republic)

2 February 2000:
(highlighting our coverage of environmental issues)


The Village Voice (USA)

16-22 August 2000:
A Guide to Finding News From Far-Flung Places
The Really World Wide Web


Westdeutscher Rundfunk Fernsehen (Germany)

16 September 1999: