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Central Europe Review: politics, society and culture in Central and Eastern Europe Work with Us

Central Europe Review is currently searching for knowledgeable and dedicated staff for a variety of positions with the journal. We seek talented people from all walks of life and from all parts of the globe.

No matter where they are in the world, CER staff keep in touch through a "Virtual Office" where we discuss upcoming issues and the journal in general. For all our contributors, editors, proof-readers and administrative staff, access to e-mail and the Web are absolutely essential.

Remember that all staff at Central Europe Review are volunteers. Most CER staff are part-time, working in the evenings and at the weekends or whenever their busy schedules allow.

The pace of producing a weekly can get a bit hectic, especially when one is a lawyer, professor or radio journalist by day and an editor or proof-reader of CER by night. But we are all highly motivated by our desire to produce the most stimulating and challenging Website on Central and Eastern Europe.

We invite you to join us.

Current positions vacant:
Click on the position for more information

Please note: if you would like to work with CER but can't find a job here which appeals to you, please CONTACT US, and tell us how you'd like to contribute. Invent your own role, and persuade us that yours would be a worthwhile addition to CER.

Position: Proof-reader
Location: Anywhere
Description: Two experienced proof-readers with good IT skills are sought. They must be able to check three to five texts (1000 to 2500 words) every week and correct them according to CER standards. Proof-reading work generally falls between late Thursday GMT to midday Sunday GMT every week.
Contact: Send a brief CV and writing samples to Alina Ghimpu-Hague, Development Co-ordinator, algh@ce-review.org

Position: Photographer
Location: In Central and Eastern Europe
Description: An experienced photographer with a good knowledge of Central and Eastern Europe is sought to contribute original work to this journal. A good opportunity for a young photographer to make his or her work more widely known.
Contact: Send a brief CV and photo samples to Andrew Stroehlein, Editor-in-Chief, as@ce-review.org