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Andrew Stroehlein
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Author Archive:
Articles by Andrew Stroehlein

Andrew Stroehlein is editor-in-chief of Central Europe Review. A list of many of his older articles can be found HERE.

Volume 3

8 January 2001
Made-for-TV Revolution
Politics and the media make strange bedfellows, but in this case, they combined forces to fool a nation, and the world.

Volume 2

2 October 2000
The Danish Lesson
If the "big idea" of the euro is suffering, what hope is there for that other big idea: Eastward enlargement?

25 September 2000
Wired Service
Online journalism faces the same challenges as traditional journalism in the new Europe.

31 January 2000
Click Icon
An interview with Ivo Lukačovič, the Czech Bill Gates.

17 January 2000
Weaknesses of the Czech Media
The traditional Czech media have been weak, ineffective and unable to perform the role of watchdog in the new Czech democracy.

Volume 1

6 December 1999
If the Dinosaurs Leave
Czech politicians generally ignore petitions, and they are likely to do the same with this latest one, even though tens of thousands of people took to the streets in support of it.

27 September 1999
Czech Intellectuals and "Post-Communism"
Czech intellectuals describe the post-Communist decade by relying heavily on historical arguments, avoiding the reality of Czech society.

20 September 1999
Not Just Prague
Mistakenly, the Czech Republic is usually assumed to be simply Prague and Czechs, an urban people.

13 September 1999
The Czech Republic 1992 to 1999
This is an extensive account of the first years of the young Czech Republic.

30 August 1999
Battle of the Vaclavs
In Czech political thinking, left, right and centre are not nearly as important as Vaclav, Vaclav and Vaclav.

16 August 1999
The Convenience Revolution
Consumerism also has its positive effects.

9 August 1999
A Queer Taboo
Since the fall of Communism, everything else has come out of the closet - why not gay and lesbian issues?

2 August 1999
Garbage in, Money out
The role of television in Central and Eastern Europe in transition.

26 July 1999
Public complacency is damaging the project of European integration.

19 July 1999
Confessions of a Scum
Czech Prime Minister Milos Zeman's recent comments about the media.

28 June 1999
Central Europe Review: Re-Viewing Central Europe
Caught between the post-modern West and the post-Communist East. (with Sean Hanley and Kazi Stastna)

Volume 0

21 June 1999
Let Sleeping Euro-dogs Lie
It is well-known that the Czech Republic is behind in its efforts to join the European Union.

7 June 1999
A Grand Coalition of Politics and the Media
Miroslav Macek's suggestion sparks a typical media frenzy.

24 May 1999
"A 400-year-old building in Central Europe can be as modern as the newest skyscraper in New York."
An interview with urban expert Roberta Brandes Gratz urban critic.

17 May 1999
East Europe and East London
Eastern Europe could learn from East London.

17 May 1999
Is the US Planning to Destroy the Yugoslav Internet?
Unconfirmed reports from Belgrade claim that the US government is planning to cut Yugoslavia off the Internet.

10 May 1999
Will the G8 Peace Proposal Burn in the Fires at the Chinese Embassy?
The Chinese Embassy accident and the G8's proposal for peace.

3 May 1999
Doing Nothing Would Be Complicity to Genocide
The real issue in Yugoslavia is not the NATO bombings but the long-running genocide.

3 May 1999
A Nuclear Umbrella for a Fair-weather Ally?
Czech whinging over the Republic's NATO obligations has continued during the past two weeks.

26 April 1999
Doing the Right Thing - Even If It Is for the Wrong Reason
NATO struggles to resuscitate its image.

26 April 1999
Clear Land Corridor Brings Clearer Roles
A clear overland path now exists from Western Europe to Yugoslavia - through the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

19 April 1999
Worst-case Scenario?
Serb forces are raiding villages in Albania; how much further will the war spread?

6 April 1999
One Little Square Equals 10,000 People
Tracking refugees in Kosovo.

30 March 1999
Last Trip
It seems our Czech friends are rather depressed of late, and they have some pretty good reasons why.

1 March 1999
Promising Paradise
As the Czech Republic is about to enter NATO, the most astounding things are being said about the alliance on the Czech political scene.

15 February 1999
Time for a "Little Weather"
TV Nova's innovative approach to reporting the weather.

8 February 1999
The Second Possibility
Czechs are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the political situation in the country.

1 February 1999
The Public Turns against Havel
Public confidence in President Václav Havel has dropped to 46% - his lowest ranking ever.

1 February 1999
Radical Right Revival
The Czech Republican leader Miroslav Sladek is down and probably out of politics.

26 January 1999
The "Radical" Mayor
Not so radical ideas from the mayor of Ceske Vsi na Jesenicku.

26 January 1999
Undemocratic Elites
Elections are not all that bad, are they?

19 January 1999
One Euro, Two Euro, Three Euro
What will Czechs call the Euro?

11 January 1999
The Czech Senate Finds Its Purpose
Since its birth two years ago, the Czech Senate has been a legislative body looking for a purpose.

4 January 1999
Go to the Museum
The dual pricing system practiced in the Czech Republic is not right.

4 January 1999
Populist, Xenophobic and Useless
The Czech Republic tightens its laws for foreigners who wish to obtain residence permits.

7 December 1998
The Way of Written Argument
Czech speakers and English speakers write differently.

30 November 1998
Battle of the Vaclavs
What was clear one year ago is even clearer now: Vaclav Havel should not have run again for President last January.

30 November 1998
Klaus, One Year after the Fall
One year after the failed party coup within the ODS, Vaclav Klaus is still riding high - to the detriment of his country.

23 November 1998
Democracy Is When Complaining Works
Last Wednesday's anti-monopoly protest is a small but essential break in the political development of the Czech Republic.

16 November 1998
Czech Protest against Telecom Monopoly
An update on the Czech protest against the SPT Telecom monopoly.

9 November 1998
Will the Last Person to Leave the Czech TV Newsroom, Please Turn out the Lights?
Public television in the Czech Republic is still unable to reform.

9 November 1998
Telephone Billing ala Americana
With phone rates set to rise, it is even more obvious that telephone billing in the Czech Republic is backward.

12 October 1998
Klaus's Lectures
Vaclav Klaus's activities on the American lecture circuit should be examined more closely.

12 October 1998
Making the Same Mistakes
The new Czech government seems to be making the same mistake as the old one: it is treating EU accession lightly.

5 October 1998
Cast Your Vote for Bigot of the Month
The competition for racist bigot of the month in the Czech Republic is already red hot, and it is only the first week of October.


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