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Central & East European and Baltic language support:
Help Pages

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Why we're using Unicode
Operating Systems
Web Browsers
Installing Language Support

A new feature of Central Europe Review for 2000 is full support for all the diacritics used in the languages of Central & Eastern Europe and the Baltic states. The increasing sophistication of web browsers have greatly simplified this procedure, but there are still a few potential hurdles which hopefully these pages will help you to overcome.

CER articles are now marked up in Unicode - the international cross-platform standard for multi-language web pages and, increasingly, word processing. Unicode is automatically supported in software configurations such as Windows 98 and IE5, or MacOS 8.6 and later, but in some cases it may be necessary to install or reconfigure software in order to read CER with diacritics.

If you are having difficulty displaying diacritics, please be patient! We are working on solving as many potential problems as we can, but naturally there are always some we can't anticipate. Happily, our reader response so far suggests that only a small number of people are having serious difficulties, and we've been able to solve some of these quickly, but we realise that our decision to use Unicode means that a small number of readers will always have problems.

These pages are intended to be a guide for CER readers who have little or no experience of configuring language support on their computers, and perhaps as a quick reference for those who are more experienced but may still have occasional difficulties. This is not intended to be a fully comprehensive guide to language support on your computer, although we plan gradually to add pages on more advanced aspects of CE and Baltic font support over the coming months.

These Pages are continually being updated!

Pages prepared by James Partridge
Last updated on January 23, 2000

Any questions about language support or fonts, or suggestions on how to improve these pages? Feel free to CONTACT me.

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