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CER Content Crwon AwardCER Content Crowns
Highlighting outstanding European content

Central Europe Review has established awards for outstanding Internet content covering the region. As the leading content provider in the region and as an award-winning site ourselves, we have a duty to find and promote strong Internet content in the region.

Only the most outstanding content sites will be selected by our expert panel of judges to receive the CER Content Crown, but we will be selecting from your nominations, so please nominate your favourite content site covering some aspect of Central and Eastern Europe, and let us know why you think it deserves a CER Content Crown. Our judges will evaluate it, compare it to the other nominated sites and come up with their choices (full details below).

As you can see, the whole process relies on your nominations, so send them in today.

Natalya Krasnoboka, Chairperson, CER Content Crowns Judging Panel
Andrew Stroehlein, Editor-in-Chief, Central Europe Review

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Award Sites rating
The CER Content Crown is rated by the independent agency Award Sites as a Select Member, "Only the Best"
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Website Worksheet
Website Awards Worksheet: 700 awards sites worldwide
Competition Guidelines

The awards

  1. Five awards will be awarded quarterly.
  2. The five CER Content Crowns will be awarded only to those sites which have demonstrated excellence in providing independent, original and compelling content in Central and Eastern Europe in the widest possible sense of the term.
  3. The competition is open to sites in all languages.
  4. Sites must be freely accessible, or special arrangements must be made to allow the judges access.
  5. CER partner sites and sites associated with CER staff, contributors or members of the CER Editorial Circle are not eligible.

Nominations and selection procedure

  1. Nominations will come from CER readers and other invited experts, who will submit URL suggestions to an e-mail address which forwards to all panel judges.
  2. The nomination periods shall coincide with calendar quarters with the last day of the quarter being the last day for nominations in that period.
  3. All serious nominations will be posted on a standing page of CER.
  4. The panel of judges is obligated to contact a wide variety of colleagues in the media, business and academia to discuss their opinions of nominated sites. CER staff members, contributors and members of the CER Editorial Circle can be asked for their opinions and be asked to confirm the quality and independence of the site.
  5. Judging should take place on a "rolling" basis to deal with nominations as they come in and avoid a backlog.
  6. Within one month after the end of the quarter, the judges will select their five top choices and relay that information to the Board of Directors of CER Ltd.
  7. Each judge will vote for each site with a score of 1 to 100 on the overall quality of a site's content. Overall quality of content is based on five factors:
    a) credibility and authority of content;
    b) originality of content;
    c) originality of content presentation;
    d) ease of online navigation;
    e) a good balance of depth vs breadth of coverage.
  8. Winners will be decided based on the average of the judges' scores for each site.
  9. Winners will be announced in CER, CER Direct and in a press release to relevant news outlets.
  10. Winners will also be notified directly and invited to use a "CER Content Crown" icon on their site that links to the CER Content Crowns awards page describing the competition and listing the winners.


  1. The panel will consist of five judges only, selected from volunteers among CER staff, contributors, members of the CER Editorial Circle and interested persons outside the CER family. Outsiders should be local online trailblazers in each country, people who we have a good professional eye for Internet content.
  2. Care will be taken to assure the participation of prominent people from a wide variety of backgrounds and languages.
  3. The panel will be organised and kept informed by an active chairperson, who will also announce nominations on the standing page of CER.
  4. The chairperson will collect information about each winner, including name, location, field of interest and contact details.
  5. The chairperson will work to promote the competition and invite nominations.
  6. The chairperson will report to the Board on developments every month.
  7. The chairperson is elected by the Board to serve a period of one year, but the other panel members should change more frequently, and the chairperson will organise their regular replacement or rotation for each round of voting.
  8. All panel members will be formally nominated by the chairperson and approved by the Board.


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