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The journal of Central European politics society and culture
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Author Archive:
Articles by Kazi Stastna

When she is not performing her duties as deputy editor-in-chief of Central Europe Review and acting director of CEENMI, Kazi Stastna writes on culture and current events in the Czech Republic. She particularly enjoys pricking the inflated egos of Prague's pseudo-intellectuals with the sharp pin of reality.

Volume 3

12 March 2001
Jörgi, the Dragon Slayer
There hasn't been much to laugh about in Haider's Austria. Until this sharp-witted political parable came along, that is.

Volume 2

13 November 2000
The Czech Republic's Progress
A summary of the EC's 2000 Progress Report on the Czech Republic.

6 March 2000
An Interview with Martin Mejstřík
One of the student leaders of the 1989 revolution speaks about the recent mass civic protest he helped launch and the need for a more "decent" politics.

Volume 1

6 December 1999
Sappy, romantic and pitifully nationalistic.

29 November 1999
CZECH REPUBLIC: Taxing the Professionals (part 2)
Czech social workers are having to face some of the industry's less glamorous aspects head-on.

22 November 1999
CZECH REPUBLIC: Taxing the Professionals
Dubi is no longer the roadside peepshow it once was, and state authorities are getting ready to tax the gals into oblivion, or at least out of sight.

18 October 1999
Masochistic Murmur
The Czech Republic and the EC's progress report.

20 September 1999
Manifestly Refreshing
A look at the Prague arts scene.

13 September 1999
The Czech Republic 1992 to 1999: From unintentional political birth to prolonged political crisis
This is an extensive account of the first years of the young Czech Republic.

Volume 0

14 June 1999
Of Sexologists and Strangers in the Steamy Summer Night
Public discourse and violence against women in the Czech Republic.

24 May 1998
Kitsch Kills
A profile of the Swiss-Czech artist and psychiatrist Roman Buxbaum.

30 March 1999
Around the [Czech] World in a 100 Years
The Czech Republic looks back at the last 100 years.

15 February 1999
Spa Snooze-fest
Czech and Slovak intellectuals can't seem to get it right.

16 November 1998
Wandering Eyes [Part II]
Part II of a look at the Czech Festival of Documentary Film.

2 November 1998
The Impossibility of Doing Things Differently
An interview with Ivan Kafka.

2 November 1998
Wandering Eyes
Part I of a look at the Czech Festival of Czech Documentary Film.

2 November 1998
Perspective on Forum 2000
Osvaldo Sunkel's pespective on Forum 2000.

12 October 1998
Forum 2000: Beating the dead horse of "globalization"
Prague Castle hosts Forum 2000, a forum on globalization.

28 September 1998
Jose Ramos-Horta Visits Prague
East Timorese independence leader Jose Ramos-Horta visits Prague.


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