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Articles by Brian J Pozun
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Author Archive:
Articles by Brian J Požun

Volume 3

28 May 2001
The Sunny Side of the Alps
Slovenia prepares to host the US-Russia Summit, but can it convince the world it is not Slovakia?

7 May 2001
Rusyn Review
A short summary of the situation of the small Rusyn communities in the Czech Republic, Croatia and Romania.

7 May 2001
The Rusyns of Hungary
Magyars finally give the Rusyns what they have demanded for a millennium: a degree of autonomy.

30 April 2001
Not Quite Cannes
This year's Potorož festival of Slovene film was the biggest yet, but the country is not yet the "small superpower" in film it aspires to be.

30 April 2001
Independence or Renewed Chaos?
With independence at stake, the outcome of elections in Montenegro might lead to civil war.

23 April 2001
Success and Setbacks
After decades of foreign influence, the Rusyns are reasserting their national identity.

2 April 2001
Take the Ball and Run!
The attempted arrest of Slobodan Milošević in Belgrade offers Slovene Foreign Minister Dimitri Rupel the chance to plug Slovenia's membership to NATO.

26 March 2001
Weird Science
A young Slovene fools a ministry and the media into thinking he is a world champ.

26 February 2001
Planning for an Uncertain Future
Some think it should be a political party, some an NGO; others think Otpor should disband.

12 February 2001
The Burden of History
Slovenia has little to offer its minority in Italy.

29 January 2001
Just Passing Through
Slovenia has become Europe's back door for illegal immigrants.

22 January 2001
Little Country, Big Problem
With a small population and land mass, the formulation of a regional policy for Slovenia has never seemed urgent. Until now.

15 January 2001
Conflicts and Celebrations
This year's celebrations of Orthodox Chrsitmas were muted by many open and simmering conflicts.

Volume 2

11 December 2000
Blissfully Boring
Compared with its turbulent and troubled neighbours, Slovenia has had a mercifully stable and unexciting year.

11 December 2000
Scars Run Deep
The quick end of Bosnia's ethnic politics does not mean they are easily forgotten.

4 December 2000
Growing Pains
Though struggling to fit its role as a capital city, Ljubljana could be the next Prague.

27 November 2000
New Sky over Serbia
The continuing quest for the protection of minorities and provincial autonomy in Vojvodina.

20 November 2000
Multi-ethnic Outpost
Rusyns of the Trans-Carpathian Euroregion feel the bitter taste of restricted rights and EU expansion.

13 November 2000
Slovenia's Progress
A summary of the EC's 2000 Progress Report on Slovenia.

6 November 2000
Have a Seat
Yugoslavia's membership in the UN is a huge step for regional stability.

23 October 2000
Slovenia's Return to the Left
After seven months of turbulent politics, Slovenes have returned to what they know best.

2 October 2000
Certainty in the Haze
While the federal election results are hotly disputed, the outcome of the local elections—which have received less press attention—is clear.

2 October 2000
Fisting and Winning
Can Slovenia's SMS learn from the success of Serbia's Otpor?

18 September 2000
University Challenge
Not everybody in Slovenia is happy that Koper might become the country's third university town.

4 September 2000
Hot as Hell
Summer was no time to chill out, as Slovenian politics heated up.

3 July 2000
Second to One
Maribor is striving to overcome its second-class status in Slovenia, and success is within reach.

26 June 2000
Caught in the Middle
In the past ten years, the Rusyns have twice been made victims simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

5 June 2000
Battle of the Brews
As beer sales fall throughout Europe, the rivalry between Slovenia's two leading brands intensifies.

29 May 2000
Facing Down Shooting-up
Slovenia faces major drugs problems, but society is fighting back.

22 May 2000
Suicidal Tendencies
Slovenians have abandoned the shame surrounding their high suicide rates and have begun to discuss the problem.

15 May 2000
Tito is Dead... Long Live Tito!
The Former Yugoslavia confronts comrade Josip Broz Tito, 20 years after his death.

9 May 2000
City Heat
The process of EU integration process for Slovenia's cities.

2 May 2000
Uncivil Society
Skinheads in Slovenia.


Shedding the Balkan Skin
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