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Thematic Archive
Thematic Archive:
Czech Media

Articles on Czech media which have appeared in past issues of CER.

4 June 2001
Testing the Limits of Free Speech
Jan Čulík
A well-known Czech journalist must defend himself against serious accusations of slander.

22 January 2001
Modest and Much-Needed
Jana Altman
The recent scandal at Czech Television has lit a fire under a draft amendment to the law on public media that has been a long time coming.

22 January 2001
"Investigative Success"
Jan Čulík
Jana Bobošíková, the director of Czech TV news, had a spy in her camp.

15 January 2001
If You Fear the Devil, Why Call on Satan?
Anna-Britt Kaca
The Czech TV crisis has moved to Brussels. But since when has the EU been a champion of free speech and strong journalism?

15 January 2001
The Death of Public TV
Jan Čulík
The striking Czech TV journalists have won their battle... but it is a Pyrrhic victory.

8 January 2001
"Those who invite citizens to break the law, even if they include the President of this country, have no place in Czech politics."
Selections from the controversial speech by Czech Prime Minister Miloš Zeman.

8 January 2001
"I will not recall Jiří Hodač"
A press release from Czech TV Council Member Jana Dědečková, defying Parliament.

8 January 2001
Could It Be a Revolution After All?
Robert M Kokta
We've seen civic action fail many times before in the Czech Republic. Will this be any different? The current protests may actually strengthen the hand of civil society over politics-as-usual.

8 January 2001
My Despair: How I Brought 100,000 People out on the Streets
Jan Čulík
The editor of Britské listy explains how, to his pride and shame, his online publication may have helped to precipitate the current crisis.

8 January 2001
How to Get Ahead in TV Journalism
James Partridge
Walking through the crowds on Wenceslas Square, I was watching a demonstration against a political party, not for Czech TV.

8 January 2001
Made-for-TV Revolution
Andrew Stroehlein
Politics and the media make strange bedfellows, but in this case, they combined forces to fool a nation, and the world.

8 January 2001
Dead Air
Jan Čulík
TV journalists have manipulated public discontent to gain political support.

13 November 2000
Crisis by Design
Jana Altman
Although the Czech media is constantly under threat of persecution by politicians and the public alike, it may just be its own worst enemy.

4 September 2000
Privitisation or Theft?
Jan Čulík
Ten years on, the privatisation of the Czech Republic's most popular newspaper still provokes controversy.

3 July 2000
Mafioso Capitalism
Jan Čulík
More on the failure of Czech bank IPB and its links to TV Nova.

19 June 2000
More Mayhem
Jan Čulík
In the ongoing soap opera that is Czech television, Roman Prorok takes centre stage.

19 June 2000
Media Demythtified, Part III
Darja Zajícová
In the last part of this series, we examine two telling examples of poltical influence on Czech media coverage.

12 June 2000
Media Demythtified, Part II
Darja Zajícová
The origins of the blurred line between personal and political sympathies and objective reporting in the Czech media.

5 June 2000
Media Demythtified
Darja Zajícová
The line between personal and political sympathies and objective reporting within Czech media remains blurred; we look at how it got to be so.

15 May 2000
Communist Regression
Jan Čulík
State-sponsored propoganda appears to be alive and well on Czech Public Service Television.

2 May 2000
Something Positive?
Jan Čulík
Do the recent changes at Czech TV News mean that badly needed reforms are finally about to get underway?

17 April 2000
Media Melee
Jan Čulík
Seven of the nine members of the new Council for Czech Television are straight-forward political appointees.

3 April 2000
The Final Assault
Jan Čulík
In the continuing saga over Czech public service broadcasting, it now looks likely that Czech politicians will pack any future regulatory body with their own political appointees.

20 March 2000
Who's Robbing Who?
Jan Čulík
Vladimír Železný is maintaining his attempt to control the new TV Nova in the face of a mounting counter-attack by its former American owners.

28 February 2000
Under the Influence
Jan Čulík
The Czech media and the vested interests and PR agencies.

14 February 2000
Manufacturing Consent
Jan Čulík
Czech Parliament turns on the heat on the Council for Czech Television.

7 February 2000
Media Manipulation
Jan Čulík
Czech Television has come under concerted attack from political and business critics.

31 January 2000
Click Icon
Andrew Stroehlein
The "Czech Bill Gates," Ivo Lukačovič, on the Czech Internet, media and politics.

31 January 2000
Czech TV's New Director
Jan Čulík
Dusan Chmelícek has been appointed Director of Czech Television.

24 January 2000
A New Leader for an Unknown Reason
Jan Čulík
Kamil Čermák (29) as Chief Executive of Czech Television.

17 January 2000
Weaknesses of the Czech Media
Andrew Stroehlein
The traditional Czech media have been weak, ineffective and unable to perform the role of watchdog in the new Czech democracy.

10 January 2000
Fiasco at Czech Public Service Television
Jan Čulík
Chief Executive of Czech TV, Jakub Puchalský, has resigned suddenly.

15 November 1999
TV Nova, the Health Secretary and Other Problems
Jan Čulík
An analysis of some major programmes broadcast on Czech radio and television over the past few weeks clearly shows the principles by which the Czech media operate.

27 September 1999
More Moribund Manouevering
Jan Čulík
Yet another chapter in the convoluted history of TV Nova.

13 September 1999
Nova TV: The saga continues
Jan Čulík
The latest sad chapter in the unfolding story of Nova.

13 September 1999
The Czech Media: Fulfilling their role?
Andrew Stroehlein
The Czech media are not playing their proper role in the new Czech democracy.

30 August 1999
Battle of the Vaclavs
In Czech political thinking, left, right and centre are not nearly as important as Vaclav, Vaclav and Vaclav.

23 August 1999
Czech Public TV: The yellow-bellies
Jan Čulík
In this second article in this series on Czech media and civil society, we see how politics and cowardice triumphed over journalistic standards at the nation's public television station last year.

16 August 1999
Czech Media and Civil Society: A survey
Jan Čulík
The instruments of speech for the nation have been paralysed, and there is no systematic public debate about the most important issues of public interest.

16 August 1999
Zelezny Pulls the Plug on Nova TV
Jan Čulík
The conflict between Vladimir Zelezny, the licence holder of Central nd Eastern Europe's most successful commercial TV station, Nova, and the station's American service providers came to a head.

2 August 1999
Garbage in, Money out
Andrew Stroehlein
The role of television in Central and Eastern Europe in transition.

2 August 1999
Nova TV: Commercial success or embarrassing failure?
Jan Čulík
Recent months have revealed the most dramatic and most comic chapter in the post-Communist history of Czech TV broadcasting

19 July 1999
Confessions of a Scum
Andrew Stroehlein
Czech Prime Minister Milos Zeman's recent comments about the media.

19 July 1999
A Concrete Example of Muddy Thinking in the Czech Press
Jan Čulík
No wonder Czechs do not know what is going on around them in the world.

12 July 1999
Press Freedom under Threat
Jan Čulík
A controversial draft press law before the Czech Parliament.

14 June 1999
Of Sexologists and Strangers in the Steamy Summer Night
Kazi Stastna
Public discourse and violence against women in the Czech Republic.

14 June 1999
Czech Shoe on the Wrong Foot
Sean Hanley
The "national character" is a perennial topic in all forms of Czech media.

7 June 1999
A Grand Coalition of Politics and the Media
Andrew Stroehlein
Miroslav Macek's suggestion sparks a typical media frenzy.

15 February 1999
Time for a "Little Weather"
Andrew Stroehlein
TV Nova's innovative approach to reporting the weather.

9 November 1998
Will the Last Person to Leave the Czech TV Newsroom, Please Turn out the Lights?
Andrew Stroehlein
Public television in the Czech Republic is still unable to reform.

5 October 1998
Cast Your Vote for Bigot of the Month
Andrew Stroehlein
The competition for racist bigot of the month in the Czech Republic is already red hot, and it is only the first week of October.


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