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The journal of Central European politics society and culture
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Author Archive:
Articles by Andreas Beckmann

Andreas Beckmann writes on Czech politics and on environmental issues facing Central and Eastern Europe.

Volume 3

23 April 2001
More than Green Gold
Dr Ioan Vasile Abrudan speaks to CER about the impact of the restitution laws on Romanian forests.

23 April 2001
Felling Our Future?
Tracking wolves in eastern Slovakia.

23 April 2001
Big Bad Wolf
Wolves just can't shake their bad reputation, and negative stereotypes are threatening these animals.

23 April 2001
Crying Wolf
Relatively common, wolves are an indication of the area's environmental health. But are they here to stay?

12 February 2001
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?
The European Union is not as green as it used to be, and its environmental policy may be a step back for accession candidates.

Volume 2

13 November 2000
The Czech Republic's Progress
A summary of the EC's 2000 Progress Report on the Czech Republic.

10 April 2000
Caring for the Goose
Wealthy Prague is simply choking on Western tourists, but areas outside the capital would benefit a great deal from a few loud Americans of their own.

7 February 2000
Triumphs and Trade-offs
A chat with Bill Moody, program officer for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, a US-based foundation that continues to be one of the most significant sources of funding for development of civil society in Central Europe. (with Miroslav Kundrata)

24 January 2000
The Upside of Top-down
Few people west of the former Iron Curtain are aware that, besides appalling environmental and cultural devastation, the former Communist regimes in Central Europe also left behind some remarkable treasures of natural and cultural heritage.

Volume 1

13 December 1999
From Puppet Master to Listless Puppet
Who continues to care about the environment in the Czech Republic?

15 November 1999
Dysfunctional Decision-making
The 9 September adoption of a master plan that will guide development has done little to resolve fundamental differences and will simply usher in the next series of battles for the city's future.

20 September 1999
The Big Yawn
Decentralization could just possibly bring big changes to Czech society—but who cares?

13 September 1999
A Quiet Revolution
Following the darkest days of the Klaus era, the Czech environmental movement is coming into its own.

23 August 1999
Forward to the Past
As Western societies are having serious second thoughts about nuclear energy, it seems to be gaining its second wind in Central and Eastern Europe.

16 August 1999
Czech Freedom to Consume
An interview with Yvonna Gaillyova.

26 July 1999
A Green El Dorado?
Will EU membership mean a cleaner, healthier environment for East Central Europe?


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