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24 January 2000

Aleksandr Sokurov
  Aleksandr Sokurov
K I N O E Y E:
Aleksandr Sokurov Links
Russia's foremost contemporary director on the web

Researchers who know Russian will soon find that there are vast amounts of material on Sokurov both on and off the web. The situation in English, however, is rather different. Here is the best of what is on offer, including articles, resources and where to buy Sokurov videos.


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Articles in CER

The Elusive Hitler: Sokurov's Moloch
Staring into the Soul: Sokurov's Povinnost'
Angels or UFOs?: Sokurov's Dni zatmeniia

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Shopping for Sokurov

These links offer 35mm film rental in the US and video sale complete with screening rights:

Krug vtoroi (The Second Circle, 1990)
Mat' i syn (Mother and Son, 1997)

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General resources

Sokurov website

[In English and Russian with articles and pictures.]
Aleksandr Sokurov, video film-maker
[contains short bio and inaccurate - but complete - filmography]
Internet Movie Database
[an incomplete filmography with credits]

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Articles on individual films

Moloch (1999)

NB Moloch is title in German, as given on the film's credits. The correct transliteration of the title in Russian is "Molokh"]

The Elusive Hitler: A Dialogue on Sokurov's Moloch
1999 International Festival of New Cinema, New Media

[Includes a section on Moloch]
Moloch, Alexander Sokurov
[Cannes's cautious introduction to the film]

Mat' i syn (Mother and Son, 1997)

I Cried and Cried, from Start to Finish

[Nick Cave's eulogy to Sokurov's most famous film]
Mother and Son
[Detailed analysis of the film, and comparisons to other Sokurov works]
Mother & Son
[concentrates on Sokurov's distortion of image]
Alexander Sokurov & His Cinema of Spiritual Oppression
(A Reflection on the Film "Mother and Son")

Dukhovnie golosa (Spiritual Voices, 1995)

Images of War, Cinema of the Spirit: An interview with Vladimir Persov

[The Yamagata Documentary Festival talks to the film's artistic director]

Tikhie stranitsi (Whispering Pages, 1993)

Whispering Pages

[An intelligent introduction to the film]

Kamen' (Stone, 1992)


[A short but intelligent introduction to the film]

Elegiia iz Rossii (Elegy from Russia, 1992)

Elegy from Russia

[More astute and consise analysis from the Sokurov website]

Dni zatmeniia(Days of the Eclipse, 1989)

Angels or UFOs?:
Religion, politics and science fiction in Aleksandr Sokurov's Dni zatmeniia

In Print

Brashinsky M and Horton A (eds), Russian Critics on the Cinema of Glasnost, Cambridge, 1994, pp 109-22

Christie I, "Returning to Zero" in Sight and Sound, 8, 1998, 4, pp 14-17

Christie I (ed), "Dossier: Aleksandr Sokurov, The Russian Idea" in Film Studies, 1, 1999, pp 63-77

[includes Sokurov writing on the death of Tarkovsky]

Egerova T, Soviet Film Music: An historical survey, Amsterdam, 1997, pp 281-284

Horton A and Brashinsky M, The Zero Hour: Glasnost and Soviet Cinema in Transition, Princeton, New Jersey, 1992, pp 121-123

Jameson F, "On Soviet Magic Realism" in The Geopolitical Aesthetic: Cinema and Space in the World System, Bloomington, 1992, pp 87-113

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Compiled by Andrew J Horton, 24 January 2000



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