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The journal of Central European politics society and culture
CER's Roma special issue
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Thematic Archive
Thematic Archive:
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Articles on Central and Eastern Europe's Roma communities which have appeared in past issues of CER.

21 May 2001
Fighting Tradition
Dragan Ristić
In spite of recent political changes in Yugoslavia, the Roma are still second class cititzens.

21 May 2001
Shadows of Insecurity
Nidhi Trehan
Inter-ethnic solidarity is vital to avoid civil war in Macedonia, and that includes the country's Roma.

21 May 2001
Cyril Won His Fight
Kristína Magdolenová
Taking on Slovakia's justice system, a Romani man struggles to prove his innocence.

21 May 2001
More Empty Promises?
Savelina Danova
The Bulgarian government is concerned about the Roma's problems—weeks before elections, that is.

21 May 2001
They Have a Dream
Eva Sobotka
How the Roma and the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs see the concept of a non-territorial Roma nation.

2 April 2001
Chasms of Perdition
Dan Damon
How Ferenc Liszt tried to tame the divine essence of the Romani soul.

2 April 2001
Committed to the Future
Gusztáv Kosztolányi
Actor Oszkár Nyári on the promising future of Romani theatre in Hungary.

2 April 2001
The Key to the "Question"
Rhoda Dullea
Romani music, Hungarian nationalism and the emergence of a "Roma problem" in Hungarian thought.

5 February 2001
Mission Impossible
Eva Sobotka
Can the Slovak PM convince EU Enlargement Commissioner Günter Verheugen that Slovakia's record on Roma makes it ready for accession?

15 January 2001
Eva Sobotka
The Slovak educational system is failing the Roma.

27 November 2000
The EU's Red Card
Alexandra Wootliff-Bitušíková
Anti-Roma sentiment in Slovakia is also the result of "Western" policies against asylum-seekers.

27 November 2000
No Problem Here
Katharine Fletcher
The plight of the Roma is all too often ignored by police in the Czech Republic.

27 November 2000
Radio Roma
Gusztáv Kosztolányi
An interview with Ilona Varga, editor-in-chief of Hungarian Radio's Roma Half Hour.

27 November 2000
All Ethnic Problems Solved?
Matilda Nahabedian
Is it a paradox that Bulgaria has been described as a model of ethnic tolerance?

27 November 2000
Europe's Beggars
Marius Dragomir
In the eyes of some, the Roma are giving Romania a bad name.

27 November 2000
Staying Afloat
Balázs Jarábik
Slovakia is hurrying to bring the country in line with EU norms on minority policy; however, significant obstacles remain.

27 November 2000
Moving Forward
Tiffany G Petros
The issue of Roma rights in the Czech Republic continues to be contentious despite some progress.

27 November 2000
Discovering a New Element
Wojtek Kość
Poles are finally developing a positive interest in Romani history and culture.

27 November 2000
Vying for Position
Peter Vermeersch
Slovakia's treatment of the Roma continues to mar its reputation.

27 November 2000
Dignity in Diversity
James Partridge
Aleksandar Petrović's film masterpiece Skupljači perja is an unidealised homage to an ethnically diverse Vojvodina.

27 November 2000
Understanding the Gulf
Niobe Thompson
Tony Gatlif's film Gadjo dilo attempts to act as a mediator between the culture of Romania's Roma and Fortress Europe.

16 October 2000
All Roads Lead to Roma
Gusztáv Kosztolányi
That the Roma issue is taken seriously by the EU means that Hungarians cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand anylonger.

10 July 2000
Uneasy Sighs of Relief
Oliver Craske
After the landmark case in the British House of Lords last week, will all Romani asylum seekers in the UK now be sent back to face the Skinheads in the East?

5 June 2000
A Deep Trauma
Jan Čulík
The present frictions in Czech-Roma relations have complex and deep-seated causes.

27 March 2000
Asylum Seekers in Britain
Catherine Lovatt
Romanians and Britains alike, have responded with a similar attitude to the 'problem of the begging Roma.' They take our money, pollute our streets, hound us, but to associate the actions of a few with the many would be a mistake

21 February 2000
Roma: The Debate Continues
Jan Čulík
The discussion of Roma in the Internet daily Britské listy has now attracted the attention of Czech police. There is also an alternative view of events from journalist František Roček.

7 February 2000
"We are not racists, but we don't like Gypsies"
Jan Čulík
In response to last week's review of British television's Channel 4 documentary on the plight of the Roma, letters have poured in offering the other side of the story.

31 January 2000
If you prick us, do we not bleed?
Jan Čulík
The plight of Czech Roma attempting to find asylum in the UK is well known to British audiences. However, Britain's Channel Four screened a documentary on Saturday night investigating the conditions they left behind.

15 November 1999
Revival and Struggle
Greg Nieuwsma
Although Hungary's Jews are enjoying a cultural blossoming, its Roma haven't found things quite so rosy. We continue our look at minorities in Central Europe today.

1 November 1999
Wronging the Roma
Catherine Lovatt
While the Romanian Government claims to respect human rights, the country's Roma tell a different story. Abuse and discrimination have forced many to leave the country.

25 October 1999
Race Relations
Jan Culik
Rather than indulging in hypocritical posturing, we should simply admit that Czech-Romani relations suffer from serious and complex problems, and these should be tackled from both sides.

20 September 1999
The War of the Hypocrites
Tomas Pecina
The latest developments in Czech-Roma relations have put the Roma in a lose-lose situation.

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