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Author Archive:
Articles by Magali Perrault

Magali Perrault writes on Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia for CER.

Volume 3

12 March 2001
Explaining Haider
Two new studies examine Haider's appeal.

12 March 2001
The Rise of the FPÖ
A guide to recent literature on Haider's party.

Volume 2

11 December 2000
Living Dangerously
The divisions of 2000 will weigh on Austria's political landscape for years to come.

16 October 2000
Nuking the Neighbours
As Czechs and Austrians cross swords over the Temelín nuclear power plant, a long-term dialogue between leaders is needed more than ever.

2 October 2000
Almost Normal
One year after the parliamentary elections and with the EU sanctions lifted, Austria is face to face with normality.

22 May 2000
One Hundred Days of Solitude
The first three months of Austria's new government.

17 April 2000
Brown Stains
The case of Nazi-era psychiatrist and later prominent Social Democrat Heinrich Gross has begun to chip away at the veneer covering the Austrian Social Democrats' forgotten past.

3 April 2000
The Re-Austrianisation of Central Europe?
Assessing the potential of the "New" far right after Haider

with Ian Hall
The Haider case has been interpreted by far-right leaders in Central Europe as evidence that EU membership might be somewhat akin to membership in the former Soviet bloc. Furthermore, to attempt, as the EU has done with Austria, to prevent the rise of the far right through the use of European institutions might well provoke a nationalist backlash in newly accepted EU states.

20 March 2000
Book Review: Politics without a Past
In Politics without a Past, Shari J Cohen analyses the legacy of "two totalitarianisms" in post-Communist Slovakia, the Nazi Slovak puppet state of 1939 to 1945 and Communism.

28 February 2000
The Other Austria
On Saturday 19 February, an estimated 200,000 Austrians took to the streets of Vienna to demonstrate against the coalition between the People's Party and Jörg Haider's Freedom Party.

7 February 2000
The emergence of Austria's new government has provoked international condemnation.

31 January 2000
Is There Life after Haider?
Has Haider revived traditional Austrian anti-Semitism?

17 January 2000
Book Review: On the Development of Czech Society
with Helen Carter
Zprava o vyvoji ceske spolecnosti 1989-98 moves away from the traditionally narrow Czech understanding of a social report.

Volume 1

29 November 1999
A "Kidnapped Central Europe"
In many respects, the Austrian experience between the end of the Second World War and the collapse of the Communist bloc in 1989 is the reverse story—the tale of a "kidnapped Central Europe."

15 November 1999
The 1998 Parliamentary Elections and Democratic Rebirth in Slovakia
Translated by Kirsty Hooper
Translations from Swietlicki's latest collection of poetry, Schizma (Gladyszow, 1999).

11 October 1999
Trouble on the Island of the Blessed
The success of Jörg Haider is often imprecisely explained by the failure of the Austrians to face up to their role as Hitler's "willing executioners."


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