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Vol 1, No 25
13 December 1999

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Coming Up in the UK

Andrew J Horton

Amazons of the avant-garde, Tarkovsky's heir and a Polish director in full gallop in this week's round up of things cultural in the UK.

In this week's Coming Up section we have:

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Czech Events


Faith in a Better Future
17 November 1999 - 4 January 2000
Czech Centre, 95 Great Portland Street, London W1N 5RA
Phone: 0171 291 9920 E-Mail: cclondon@london.czech.cz

The award-winning photographs of Dana Kyndrova, documenting the Czech Republic's transition from totalitarianism to a painful freedom by capturing the lives of ordinary people. Opening with the artist on 16 November at 6.30pm. Phone for details.

...And More Czech Culture in the UK

The Czech Cultural Centre in London has a full calender of Czech events in the UK. Look here if you want to see a full calendar of Czech related events in London.

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Hungarian Events

Hungarian Culture in the UK

Check out the website of the Hungarian Cultural Centre in London. As well as listing events of international importance, the site also carries details of their support network for Hungarian au pairs working in the UK and Catholic mass in Hungarian.

Look here if you want to see a full calendar of Hungarian events in the UK.

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Polish Events

Polish Culture in the UK

Check out the website of the Polish Cultural Institute in London.

Look here if you want to see a full calendar of Polish events in the UK.

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Romanian Events

Romanian Culture in the UK

There is the website of the Romanian Cultural Centre based in London. Click here if you want to see a their diary page.

If you are a Romanian academic or student working in the UK or have links to Romanian studies you might be interested Romanul's site. It aims to give wider support to educational, scientific and cultural issues and has pages devoted to the Romanian community's acitivities in the UK. Click here to have a look.

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Russian Events


Amazons of the Avant Garde
until 6 February 2000
Royal Academy, Piccadilly, W1
Phone: 0171 300 8000

For those who enjoyed the Barbican's grand Russian extravaganza of passion and experiment, Romance and Revolution, earlier this year, here is the female counterpart to the art section of it. These female pioneers are not remembered as often as their male counterparts, but their artistic spirit was no less revolutionary.

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Aleksandr Sokurov's Days of the Eclipse
various locations

Hot on the showing his latest film Moloch at the London Film Festival, a limited release for an early film from Aleksandr "Mother and Son" Sokurov. Generally thought to be Tarkovsky's heir and praised by the likes of Nick Cave and Martin Scorsese, Sokurov is one of cinema's most challenging directors. Days of the Eclipse , a study in alienation and exile with a screenplay from the writers of Tarkovsky's Stalker, is not one of his easier works, but certainly shows him at his best.

See the film on 14 December at London's Cine Lumiere. Sokurov fans in Brighton can catch the film at Cinematheque in January

Juao Penalva's Legends of Lake Baikal
until 16 January 2000
Camden Arts Centre, London

Baikal is a magical place, holding some staggering 80 per cent of the world's fresh water. Now an eco-system in peril, Penlava weaves recollections and personal memories of the lake and the area around it into this medium-length film.

Compiled by Andrew J Horton




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