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Thematic Archive
Thematic Archive:
Estonian Politics

Articles on Estonian politics which have appeared in past issues of CER.

5 February 2001
The Sweet Turns to Sour
Mel Huang
The increasingly dirty game of privatisation in the Baltic states.

15 January 2001
Carving Out a New Estonia
Mel Huang
Estonia is gerrymandering its way into mapping new districts.

15 January 2001
Not in Our Backyard
Mel Huang
Reports of Russian nuclear weapons being moved into Kaliningrad send a shiver down the spines of the Baltic region and the US Congress.

20 November 2000
Estonia for Sale
Mel Huang
Nordic investment fuels fears of a loss of the family silver in Estonia.

13 November 2000
Estonia's Progress
Mel Huang
A summary of the EC's 2000 Progress Report on Estonia.

6 November 2000
KGB Skeleton in the Closet
Mel Huang
A secret agreement with the KGB, signed nearly ten years ago, resurfaces to shake the very foundations of Estonia.

30 October 2000
The Politics of Intrigue
Mel Huang
A local political crisis looming in Tallinn could have national implications for Esonia.

4 September 2000
Military Musical Chairs
Mel Huang
An Estonian military commander's dismissal sparks confusion in Parliament.

10 July 2000
No Turning Back
Mel Huang
An interview with Estonian Prime Minister Mart Laar.

10 July 2000
Free Trade in Practice
Razeen Sally
The downside to Estonia's outstanding political and economic progress may well be EU integration.

10 July 2000
Reflections on a Revolution
Teri Schultz
A journalist's memories of the days back in August 1991 that changed Estonia - and her - forever. A look at that dramatic time from a unique and personal angle.

10 July 2000
The Ups and Downs of Musical Chairs
Mel Huang
As Estonian President Lennart Meri makes yet another change in the military's top brass, issues of personnel and leadership are thrown into further chaos.

10 July 2000
Progress without Protest
Aet Annist
Estonia has embraced the Western model, but despite the consequences for the majority of the population, there has been little opposition to the new status quo.

3 July 2000
Deal of the Decade
Mel Huang
The closing of the privatisation deal for Estonia's two main power plants ends a mini-epic which began in the mid-1990s.

26 June 2000
Echoes of Joachim and Vyacheslav
Mel Huang
Support for the Baltic states' NATO entry has come from both traditional allies and newer friends alike; Germany, however, remains noticeably silent.

2 May 2000
Reversing the Rudder
Mel Huang
In less than a decade, Estonia has built a small yet commendable military, but the men at the helm have moored the reform process.

3 April 2000
Does Estonia Have a Left?
Mel Huang
Estonia's political map is a strange creature. It seems no one wants to be firmly on the left wing. Established left-wing parties move further and further to the centre, while those on the left shudder at being labelled so.

31 January 2000
Dissing His Own Product
Mel Huang
Tallinn Mayor Jüri Mõis has raised a lot of eyebrows of late.

17 January 2000
Off the Mark
Mel Huang
In Estonia's eager bid for NATO membership, PR has overwhelmed actual needed reforms of its military.

6 December 1999
Chechnya: An Honorary Baltic State
Mel Huang
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have shown great solidarity with the Chechen cause against Moscow.

29 November 1999
Why the "Baltic States"?
Mel Huang
Over the years, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, have been lumped together as the "Baltic states." But why?

15 November 1999
A Beginning, Not an End
Mel Huang
The collapse of the Wall was one of the most potent catalysts for the increase in activities of the Baltic national movements.

25 October 1999
Deflating Election Experience
Mel Huang
Local elections in Estonia turn out to be an anticlimax.

27 September 1999
Historical Regicide
Mel Huang
A new report suggests collusion between inter-war Estonian President Konstantin Pats and the Soviets.

23 August 1999
Ten Years After
Mel Huang
On 23 August 1989, some one million Balts linked hands and created one of the longest human chains in history.

2 August 1999
Hitting the Bottle, and the Road
Mel Huang
High-profile incidents involving alcohol and well-known politicians highlight the problem that alcohol poses for Estonia.

5 July 1999
Doing It Half Right
Mel Huang
The controversy in Estonia surrounding the reburial of Alfons Rebane.

24 May 1999
An Absurd Idea From the Sea
Mel Huang
Estonian President Lennart Meri's absurd idea.

6 April 1999
Relations with Finland
Mel Huang
Estonia's success and relations with Finland.

30 March 1999
Reflections on Independence
Mel Huang
Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and NATO.

22 March 1999
Assessing the new government
Mel Huang
Building a new government in Estonia.

8 March 1999
There's Something about Meri
Mel Huang
President Lennart Meri has managed to get Estonians talking yet again.

8 March 1999
And the Winner is...
Mel Huang
Surprise results in the Estonian elections.

22 February 1999
The Final Stretch
Mel Huang
Election fever is spreading in Estonia with elections only two weeks away.

26 January 1999
Elections for the Millennium
Mel Huang
Estonian prepares for the upcoming March elections.


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