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Press Review Archive: UK

Volume 3

2 April 2001
Britain: Big in Albania
The Balkans is a place where Norman Wisdom is still a superstar and where Britain's Europe minister has never been.

19 March 2001
Britain: Macedonia in the Headlines
This week, the British press asks: Didn't we just have a Balkan war?

12 March 2001
Britain: Not Macedonia, Too
The interests of Belgrade and the West begin to align—again.

26 February 2001
Britain: Thinking the Unthinkable
The interests of Belgrade and the West begin to align—again.

19 February 2001
Britain: Caught on Tape
Has Kuchma ordered a killing? The UK media observes Ukraine's "biggest political crisis since independence in 1991."

3 February 2001
Great Britain: Not Such a Soft Touch, Sadly
To the consternation of the right-wing press, the UK becomes the most popular EU destination for asylum seekers.

29 January 2001
Great Britain: Charmingly Controversial
The UK press succumbs to the allure of a former revolutionary—Joschka Fischer.

22 January 2001
Great Britain: Nuking the Northern Dimension
Russia's pesky enclave Kaliningrad poses headaches for the EU's Baltic initiative and NATO's expansion hopes.

15 January 2001
Great Britain: Depleted Coverage
NATO soldiers take precedence over local populations in the UK press.

8 January 2001
Great Britain: Zoran and Göran
What challenges face Serbian prime minister-designate Zoran Đinđić and new EU president Göran Persson in 2001?

Volume 2

4 December 2000
Before the Showdowns
Britain is set to press the case for EU enlargement at Nice.

27 November 2000
You and EU's Army?
The birth of an EU army and the Balkan summit in Zagreb in the UK media.

20 November 2000
Journey to the Heart of Chernobyl
Will Ukraine suffer a meltdown like its infamous reactor?

13 November 2000
A Means As Well As an End
Snagging some fellow fish into the B-stream of a two-speed Europe.

6 November 2000
Trial Balloons and Cocaine on Toilets
Are drugs affecting policy in Germany?

30 October 2000
Rising up the Charts
Bulgaria gets some unusually positive press, and Schröder makes a hit record.

23 October 2000
"Normal" Countries
The UK press worries about Serbia's path to normalcy.

16 October 2000
Redrafting History
Was NATO responsible for the downfall of Milošević?

9 October 2000
Time Regained
The British press compares the Yugoslav revolution of last week with those of 1989.

2 October 2000
Never Mind the Ballots
Belgrade, Prague and Copenhagen in the London papers.

25 September 2000
Velvet Demonstrations?
Marx was right: the IMF and the World Bank should disband.

18 September 2000
The EU Caves In
While Austria is free from sanctions, Europe is burdened by its increasing fuel troubles.

11 September 2000
About-faces and EU-turns
Why does the UK press find a former Polish president more interesting than the current one?

4 September 2000
Mighty Shadows
Why does the UK press find a former Polish president more interesting than the current one?

10 July 2000
Uneasy Sighs of Relief
After the landmark case in the British House of Lords last week, will all Romani asylum seekers in the UK now be sent back to face the Skinheads in the East?

3 July 2000
Why the Change of Heart?
Disagreements with France and Germany over the future shape of the EU lie behind the UK's sudden decision to champion Eastward enlargement.

26 June 2000
Open the Door, Ostrich
In refusing to consider the bigger picture on migration and accession, EU politicians continue to bury their heads in the sand.

19 June 2000
Political Football
Football and Central and Eastern Europe face off for column inches in the British media.

29 May 2000
Their Poison
This week, we look at UK media coverage of the background and consequences of the Tisza River disaster.

22 May 2000
Keeping the Faith
The UK press on the 80th birthday of the world's most famous Pole.

15 May 2000
Setting the Date
Last week, The Economist declared: "The end game of enlargement is under way." Is that so?

9 May 2000
Immigration in Europe
Are we on the right wavelength? A look at the UK media last week.

2 May 2000
Of Pigs, Coal, Nerds and Utopia
Illegal immigrants, eco-friendly pig poo and the potential benefits of Hungarian nerds have been in the British media spotlight this week.

25 April 2000
Right of Admission Reserved
Is Britain the promised land for East Europeans?

10 April 2000
Poland Pushes for Commitment
Polish discussions with the European Union (EU) have generated some welcome coverage of the EU enlargement issue in the British press this week.

3 April 2000
Pawns on a Chessboard?
Britain has long tended to view Central Europe as a zone of competing influences, and this attitude is reflected in press coverage of the area.

27 March 2000
Women and Children First
This week, we begin a new regular feature which will look at the stories of Central and Eastern Europe that make it into the UK media.