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The Czech Social Democrats in powerAs They Sowed,
So Have They Reaped

The Czech Social Democrats in power
Štěpán Kotrba

The Social Democratic government is, according to the objective economic indicators, the most successful the Czech political scene has experienced since 1989; however, the media do not see it that way, and the public is giving the Party the lowest approval ratings in post-Velvet history.

This is the government that brought the Czech Republic into the international ranks of NATO and paved the way to EU. The Czech Republic is establishing a solid position on the international playing field even without Václav Havel. Under this government, the Czech Republic is approaching European legislative and security standards and is distancing itself from a skewed Balkan image of a "Wild East" somewhere beyond Bavaria.

Still, they have clearly lost public support. Where did it all go wrong?

In this concise, 8500-word analysis, Štěpán Kotrba examines the ins and outs of the Czech Social Democrats' two and a half years in government and identifies in detail where they've made their biggest mistakes. This text introduces you to the major players and describes the various factions in this loose coalition calling itself a party.

The conclusion is straightforward: if the Czech Social Democrats do not take stock quickly, they will not only lose the next general election, but they will probably split and be lost in the wilderness for two or three terms of government.

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