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Enter the CER eBookclub Members' AreaThe CER eBookstore:
What is an "ebook"?

An "ebook" is an electronic book, a book in electronic format that can be read on a desktop computer, laptop computer or hand-held device. It is a convenient, modern and ecologically friendly way to read book-length material: ebooks are easy to buy, easy to read and easy to store.

NEW: Print-friendly formats
eBooks are great to read on screen, but some people would prefer to print them out at home, and not all ebooks are optimised for printing on home printers. Now, CER offers print-friendly versions for all our titles.
There are several electronic formats and reading devices available for reading ebooks. Books in the CER eBookstore are in both PDF (Portable Document Format, favored by Adobe) and LIT (Microsoft Reader format) which are the most popular formats for ebooks at the moment and work with most computer operating systems (IBM PC, Mac, etc) and other devices.

Free Download of Adobe Acrobat ReaderTo read ebooks on your computer, you will need to have either the Adobe Acrobat Reader program or the Microsoft Reader program installed. Many newer computers come with one or both Free Download of Microsoft Readerof these programs already installed, but if you do not have them installed, you can get both for free. Get Adobe Acrobat Reader free from the Adobe site. Or get Microsoft Reader free from the Microsoft site

Once you've got one of those programs installed, have a look at this free ebook, and you'll see how simple and convenient ebooks are.

Free book in Adobe Reader format (PDF)

Free book in Microsoft Reader format (LIT)

Publish Your Book with CER

If you have a book you'd like to see published, consider publishing it with Central Europe Review, the award-winning publisher of political, social and cultural analysis in Central and Eastern Europe.

Just send us an e-mail and tell us about your book project. If it sounds like a winning idea and if we're happy with the text, we'll put all our publishing and marketing weight behind it to make it a great success.