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Thematic Archive
Thematic Archive:
Lithuanian Politics

Articles on Lithuanian politics which have appeared in past issues of CER.

5 February 2001
The Sweet Turns to Sour
Mel Huang
The increasingly dirty game of privatisation in the Baltic states.

15 January 2001
Not in Our Backyard
Mel Huang
Reports of Russian nuclear weapons being moved into Kaliningrad send a shiver down the spines of the Baltic region and the US Congress.

8 January 2001
Lithuania's Own-goal Politics
Mel Huang
Recent political maneuvering may threaten Lithuania's integration into the EU and NATO.

13 November 2000
Lithuania's Progress
Mel Huang
A summary of the EC's 2000 Progress Report on Lithuania.

16 October 2000
Voting for Instability
Mel Huang
Lithuanians expressed their desire for change at the polls last week, but the results may only breed more confusion.

2 October 2000
Diving into Uncertainty
Mel Huang
The tense political year in Lithuania reaches a climax this week as voters go to the polls.

4 September 2000
Bad Timing
Mel Huang
Relations between China and Lithuania cool, as a two-day official visit is reduced to a two-hour layover.

10 July 2000
So Far So Smooth
Mel Huang
An interview with Lithuanian Brigadier General Jonas A Kronkaitis.

10 July 2000
Changing the Rules at the Half
Mel Huang
Right in the middle of the general election campaign season, Lithuania has changed its electoral law. Has this episode turned the country into a bananos respublika?

10 July 2000
Calvin Klein and Communism
Artūras Račas
CK may no longer mean what it used to, but the Communist legacy and the Russian threat remain handy instruments for Lithuania's politicians.

10 July 2000
Shifting Party Sands
Nerijus Prekevicius and Terry D Clark
As Lithuania heads into parliamentary elections in October, the political picture and the party system are changing so rapidly it is near impossible to predict an outcome. But our experts give it a try.

26 June 2000
Echoes of Joachim and Vyacheslav
Mel Huang
Support for the Baltic states' NATO entry has come from both traditional allies and newer friends alike; Germany, however, remains noticeably silent.

25 April 2000
Lithuania's Loons Take Off
Mel Huang
Lithuania's radicals used to be discounted as populist loons, but a recent electoral victory has brought them surprising new significance.

27 March 2000
A Leap into the Unknown
Mel Huang
Results from the 19 March local elections in Lithuania saw the country take perhaps its first step into the political unknown in this year of double electoral jeopardy.

6 March 2000
Who to Hate: Haider or History?
Blake Lambert
The EU should pay less attention to Austria and more to its relations with Latvia and Lithuania.

10 January 2000
History Greets the New Year on the Baltic
Mel Huang
The visit of a prominent Holocaust victim and the discovery of a notorious Nazi criminal demanded a revisiting of Latvia's and Lithuania's painful wartime history.

13 December 1999
Baltic Rollercoaster
Mel Huang
From significant political shifts and economic collapse to EU hopes and regional pork wars, 1999 was an eventful year in the Baltics.

6 December 1999
Chechnya: An Honorary Baltic State
Mel Huang
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have shown great solidarity with the Chechen cause against Moscow.

29 November 1999
Why the "Baltic States"?
Mel Huang
Over the years, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, have been lumped together as the "Baltic states." But why?

15 November 1999
A Beginning, Not an End
Mel Huang
The collapse of the Wall was one of the most potent catalysts for the increase in activities of the Baltic national movements.

4 October 1999
It's Never Too Late
Mel Huang
Age should play no role in the prosecution of the Baltic States' war criminals.

23 August 1999
Ten Years After
Mel Huang
On 23 August 1989, some one million Balts linked hands and created one of the longest human chains in history.

23 August 1999
Lithuania's Nuclear Dilemma
Mel Huang
Lithunia must choose between maintaining self-sufficiency and potentially incurring the wrath of the EU.

8 August 1999
The Other Brussels Target
Mel Huang
NATO has perhaps a greater goal than EU membership for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

19 July 1999
Lithuanian Parliament Fails to Clean House
Mel Huang
The failure to strip the parliamentary mandate of convicted member Audrius Butkevicius.

14 June 1999
Private Sector Lustration
Mel Huang
The Lithuanian parliament takes lustration to a new level.

31 May 1999
And This Round Goes to the President
Mel Huang
Lithuanian President Adamkus wins a round in fight with Conservatives.

3 May 1999
What Came From Washington
Mel Huang
No surprises for the Baltic states at the NATO summit in Washington.

26 April 1999
War of Words Explodes
Mel Huang
The rift between Lithuanian President Adamkus and the Conservative Party heats up.

12 April 1999
Mel Huang
Lithuania needs to focus its reforms.

30 March 1999
Reflections on Independence
Mel Huang
Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and NATO.

15 February 1999
"International Justice" and Lithuania's Dilemma
Mel Huang
With all the recent controversy over cross-border justice, Lithuania has found itself in a precarious position.

1 February 1999
Who Runs Lithuania?
Mel Huang
The ongoing power-struggle between President Valdas Adamkus and Seimas Chairman Vytautas Landsbergis.