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Thematic Archive
Thematic Archive: Latvian Politics

Articles on Latvian politics which have appeared in past issues of CER.

5 February 2001
The Sweet Turns to Sour
Mel Huang
The increasingly dirty game of privatisation in the Baltic states.

15 January 2001
Not in Our Backyard
Mel Huang
Reports of Russian nuclear weapons being moved into Kaliningrad send a shiver down the spines of the Baltic region and the US Congress.

27 November 2000
The Lost Boys
Mel Huang
Recent terrorist attacks in Latvia show that extremist groups pose a serious threat to national security.

13 November 2000
Latvia's Progress
Daria Kulagina
A summary of the EC's 2000 Progress Report on Latvia.

23 October 2000
The Truth Shall Set You Free
Daria Kulagina
Latvian elites are slowly coming to terms with their nation's role in the Holocaust.

18 September 2000
Latvia's Shaky Scales of Justice
Mel Huang
After a year of feeble sentences, protracted trials, bungled cases and international criticism, Latvia's justice system is in shambles.

10 July 2000
Setting a Good Example
Mel Huang
An interview with Latvian President Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga.

10 July 2000
Rīga's Revenge
Artis Pabriks
Although Russia attempts to paint the Balts as pariahs trying to exact revenge, Latvia's true revenge is its democratic regime.

26 June 2000
Echoes of Joachim and Vyacheslav
Mel Huang
Support for the Baltic states' NATO entry has come from both traditional allies and newer friends alike; Germany, however, remains noticeably silent.

17 April 2000
Stability Sacrificed
Mel Huang
Political tension in Latvia shifted into overdrive when the government collapsed last week.

6 March 2000
Who to Hate: Haider or History?
Blake Lambert
The EU should pay less attention to Austria and more to its relations with Latvia and Lithuania.

21 February 2000
Politicking Over Paedophilia
Mel Huang
Political bickering in Latvia hit a new low over the past week when several high-ranking government officials were linked to a paedophilia scandal.

7 February 2000
A Chat with Latvia's Image-maker
Mel Huang
Central Europe Review was privileged to be able to chat with Ambassador Ojārs Kalniņš, the new director of the Latvian Institute.

10 January 2000
History Greets the New Year on the Baltic
Mel Huang
The visit of a prominent Holocaust victim and the discovery of a notorious Nazi criminal demanded a revisiting of Latvia's and Lithuania's painful wartime history.

6 December 1999
Chechnya: An Honorary Baltic State
Mel Huang
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have shown great solidarity with the Chechen cause against Moscow.

29 November 1999
Why the "Baltic States"?
Mel Huang
Over the years, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, have been lumped together as the "Baltic states." But why?

22 November 1999
Latvia's Campaign against Democracy
Mel Huang
In the past few weeks the development of Latvia's political culture took an abrupt and disastrous turn.

15 November 1999
A Beginning, Not an End
Mel Huang
The collapse of the Wall was one of the most potent catalysts for the increase in activities of the Baltic national movements.

4 October 1999
It's Never Too Late
Mel Huang
Age should play no role in the prosecution of the Baltic States' war criminals.

23 August 1999
Ten Years After
Mel Huang
On 23 August 1989, some one million Balts linked hands and created one of the longest human chains in history.

26 July 1999
A Hot Summer in Riga
Mel Huang
Aside from 30C temperatures, the summer has been extremely hot in Riga for other reasons - politics.

12 July 1999
The New Latvian President: Not a Moment Too Soon
Mel Huang
Gender was hardly an issue in the recent Latvian presidential election.

21 June 1999
Latvia's Outgoing President
Mel Huang
The presidential election in Latvia on 17 June ended one of the most significant chapters in the nation's history.

21 June 1999
A New President for Latvia
Mel Huang
After months of wondering, the Latvian people have finally discovered who would succeed Guntis Ulmanis as President of Latvia.

17 May 1999
They're All Paid Off
Mel Huang
The sacking of the Latvian Economics Minister unleashes a war of words.

19 April 1999
The Telephone War and the Presidency
Mel Huang
Telephone tariffs and Latvian politics.

30 March 1999
Reflections on independence
Mel Huang
Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and NATO.

8 February 1999
Is This Really Latvia's Way?
Mel Huang
A look at Latvia's Way, the leading political party since Latvia's independence.

19 January 1999
Stability Still Not in Style
Mel Huang
Observers warn of an imminent government crisis in Latvia.


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