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Vol 1, No 18
25 October 1999

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Yugo Links
Resources on culture for the former-Yugoslav states

Compiled by CER Staff


Pontes is a site and organisation dedicated to cultivating a cultural network of young writers sponsored by the Fund for Central and East European Book Projects. The site is fully available in English and contains an archive.

Culturelink is an international network for research on culture. It's an interesting site but, along with its on-line publications, it devotes a lot of space to the bureaucratic aspect of developing culture rather than actual projects and initiatives. Their publication, Culturelink, had a special issue in 1995 dealing with Cultural Centres in Central and Eastern Europe and two of the articles are available online:

Biserka Cvjeticanin, "Some Cultural Aspects of the Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe"

Sinisa Malesevic, " Changes in the Status and Functioning of Cultural Centres in Central and Eastern European Countries in Transition"

The South Slavic Literature Library is the most comprehensive reference site. This is what the search notes promise and the site truly delivers. A complete index of authors and a virtual café makes it an essential link for those interested in the subject.



Articles on the films of Emir Kusturica
Black Cat, White Cat
Arizona Dream
Time of the Gypsies
When Father Was Away on Business

Articles on Ademir Kenovic
The Perfect Circle



Godine nove - the main cultural magazine of the new generation. Unfortunately, available only in Croatian.

Vijenac - main cultural weekly of the older generation. In Croatian only

Hrvatska revija

Kolo - in Croatian only.

Arkzin a jouranal of politics which also contains some cultural elements. The site is available in English and Croatian.


Kontura is a magazine concerned with the visual arts. The site is mainly in Croatian but has English supplements to editions past and present, which are available in the archives


Hrvatski filmski ljetopis - a scholarly journal that still finds time to cover American blockbusters, as well as Croatian film. In Croatian and English.

Articles on Vinko Bresan
How the War Started on My Island

Experimental film-maker Dalibor Martinis has a homepage, and that for fellow cinematic innovator Tomislav Gotovac is under construction (at the time of writing).


Moderna vremena - about literature. Also a well-organised site, but is only available in Croatian.

Article: "Croatian literature in 1990s"



Articles on Milcho Manchevski
After the Rain



Articles on Bozidar Bota Nikolic
Who's That Singin' Over There



This Serbian folklore and culture site delivers exactly what the name suggests. Besides the site is officially called Balkanorama so how can you go wrong.

The Serbian Unity Congress sounds rather serious, if not scary, but it is a culturally oriented site. It is a nice mix of information on Serbian art history and articles on and examples of contemporary Serbian visual artists and composers.

Alternative Culture

Two from the Underground:
For something a little different SCAB zine is an e-zine dedicated to the punk scene. Good if you like that sort of stuff.

Beograd Underground Connection is (as the name suggests) dedicated to underground culture, including graffiti, music and lists of events.


Beograd.com has an extensive arts and culture section in English which includes art works available for sale, discussion groups, a "bookstore" and links to the Poets' society and the Serbian Academy of Arts and Science. This site is quite comprehensive as it brings together the visual and literary arts as well as music. Good departure point. Many of the subsites are not in English. Of particular interest is the link to the Poets' Society Iris - which is in English and contains samples of work.


An intriguing links site with lots of URLs written up on the screen. Clicking on them leads to an error message but old-fashioned copy and paste gets them working fine.

Articles on Srdan Dragojevic
The Wounds
Pretty Village, Pretty Flame

Articles on Dusan Makavejev
The Coca Cola Kid
Sweet Movie

Articles on Goran Paskaljevic
The Powder Keg
Someone Else's America

Theatre and Dance

Belgrade's English Speaking Theatre site contains general background of the theater, a photo gallery and descriptions of projects past, present and future.

K-07 Modern Dance Company has a site in English which describes the company and its activities, performances and history.

The Serbian Association of Dramatic Artists has existed since 1952 but only began producing plays in 1996.

Torpedo Theatre is apparently one of the most renowned in Belgrade who perform both traditional stage productions as well as street theatre.



A Slovenian search engine


Ekran is a Slovenian cinema magazine with articles on Slovene and international cinema.


BeiThroN is a theatre/performance artist troupe based in Lubljana have a very strong website. To take full advantage of the site's audio and video capabilities requires a fairly powerful computer.



Scene from The Powder Keg, aka Cabaret Balkan Post-Yugoslav

Slovenian Overview

Hungarian Culture in Vojvodina

Serb Theatre

Culture Links

film special

Violence as a Theme

Film Shorts

Fiks fokus

Young Croatian Film

New Documentaries



Greg Nieuwsma:
A Depressing Decade

Jan Culik:
Seeking Solutions


Russia Needs Aid Not Advice from the West


Transitions Online

Britske listy (in Czech)

Domino Forum (in Slovak)

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