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Thematic Archive
Thematic Archive:
Yugoslav Politics

Articles on Yugoslav politics which have appeared in past issues of CER.

11 June 2001
New Serbia's Old Economy
Sam Vaknin
No amount of international aid to Serbia will resuscitate its economy unless the old-boy network is dismantled.

4 June 2001
The Politics of Poverty
Goran Cetinić
Battered and bruised, Yugoslavia’s economy is in dire need of a strategic action plan.

14 May 2001
Milošević's Treasure Island
Sam Vaknin
There is little hope of finding the loot that went astray during Slobo's time in power.

14 May 2001
Showing Your Socks at the Rubicon
Koča Pavlović
Does democratic public broadcasting have a fighting chance in Montenegro?

30 April 2001
The Victory is Montenegro
Sam Vaknin
Is Montenegro's Đukanović really pushing for independence for the country?

30 April 2001
Independence or Renewed Chaos?
Brian J Požun
With independence at stake, the outcome of elections in Montenegro might lead to civil war.

2 April 2001
"Slobo! We will never give you up!"
Catherine Lovatt
News of the alleged arrest of Slobodan Milošević brings out his faithful supporters.

2 April 2001
The Vanishing Convict
Sam Vaknin
What if Milošević conveniently passed away?

2 April 2001
A Game of Wait and See
Susan Abbott
Pondering the next move, the United States watches to see if Milošević will be extradited to The Hague.

2 April 2001
Is this DéjĂ Vu?
Omer Fisher
A brief commentary on Montenegro and its path towards independence.

2 April 2001
Staggering from Crisis to Crisis
Magarditsch Hatschikjan
European policy towards the Balkans is caught between Realpolitik judgements and missionary views.

19 March 2001
The Common Enemy
Sam Vaknin
CER readers should not be surprised at the escalating tension in the Balkans; we've been predicting it for ages.

26 February 2001
Planning for an Uncertain Future
Brian J Požun
Some think it should be a political party, some an NGO; others think Otpor should disband.

5 February 2001
Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Slavko Živanov
Montenegro keeps testing the waters of independence.

8 January 2001
Course: Democracy
Slavko Živanov
Democratic forces have won the Serbian elections, but it may not be much of a democracy without an able opposition.

4 December 2000
The Fifth Horseman
Sam Vaknin
An apocalypse looms large as the Balkans misread the Serbian situation.

6 November 2000
Inching towards Independence
Catherine Lovatt
As Ibrahim Rugova secures election victory, the once unthinkable idea of Kosovan independence now seems feasible—even in the West.

6 November 2000
Have a Seat
Brian J Požun
Yugoslavia's membership in the UN is a huge step for regional stability.

23 October 2000
The Spirit of Milošević Remains
Just how much of a revolution have we witnessed? Our two experts, Sam Vaknin and Dušan Djordjevich, debate the future of Yugoslavia.

16 October 2000
Duplicity Revisited
Martin D Brown
The international response to the week's developments in Yugoslavia and Israel reveals a fundamental duplicity in foreign affairs.

9 October 2000
An Empire Implodes
Sam Vaknin
Not only is Koštunica unlikely to bring any new direction to Serbia, but, ironically, Albanian Kosovars have lost their truest ally—Milošević himself.

9 October 2000
Delusions of Dominoes
Patrick FitzPatrick
Everyone is calling Serbia the final East European domino to fall. Nonsense.

9 October 2000
Separated at Birth?
Catherine Lovatt
The revolution in Yugoslavia bears some similarity to Romania's revolution. Is Milošević, like Ceauşescu, a man without a chance?

2 October 2000
Cornered Rat or Bleeding Lion?
Gusztáv Kosztolányi
If Milošević finally sees sense, the Vojvodinian Hungarians will be breathing easier.

2 October 2000
The Revolution Next Door
Beth Kampschror
As in Yugoslavia, the opposition have much to gain in the upcoming Bosnian elections.

2 October 2000
Mistrusting the Neighbours
Catherine Lovatt
Whatever the final outcome of the Yugoslav elections, Romania will set its foreign policy sights on the West.

2 October 2000
Certainty in the Haze
Brian J Požun
While the federal election results are hotly disputed, the outcome of the local elections—which have received less press attention—is clear.

2 October 2000
Election Earthquake
Slavko Živanov
Although everyone knew Vojislav Koštunica was the preferred choice of the people, nobody thought he actually had a chance of winning.

2 October 2000
Not with a Bang
Alexander Fischer
Journalists like drama for major events in history; these elections were remarkably lacking in iconic images. A report from the streets of Belgrade.

4 September 2000
Handling Milošević
Charles Ingrao
A noted Balkans analyst suggests three strategies for confronting Slobodan Milošević if, as expected, he returns for another term after this month's presidential elections.

10 July 2000
Twin Souls, Two Realities, Part II
Wolfgang Deckers
German foreign policy in the Balkans over the last decade has been shaped by the twin spectres of re-unification and the Nazi past.

10 July 2000
The Next Balkan Conflict?
Catherine Lovatt
Montenegro may be the next obstacle in the path of Serbia.

3 July 2000
Forging a New Kosovo
Židas Daskalovski
Albanian scholar Isa Blumi talks with CER about Kosovo's future and the forging of Kosovo's identity.

3 July 2000
Refighting Kosova
Fatmir Zajmi
A prominent Kosovan analyst defends the legality of NATO's intervention in his homeland.

3 July 2000
Two Souls, Twin Realities
Wolgang Deckers
All German actions in the Balkans over the last decade have been shaped by the twin spectres of re-unification and the Nazi past.

26 June 2000
The Buck Stops Everywhere
Slavko Živanov
Serbs, Albanians and the international community must share the blame for the messiest of Balkan bar fights: Kosovo.

12 June 2000
A Year of Failure
Borce Gjeorgjievski
Millions of dollars have gone into the KFOR and UNMIK missions in Kosovo, yet nobody seems happy with them. How the hell did they get into this mess?

5 June 2000
The Union of Death
Sam Vaknin and Slavko Živanov
More controversial views of Balkan violence. This week, the KLA and more views on the Black Hand.

5 June 2000
It Isn't Easy Being Biljana
Pat FitzPatrick
Bosnia's Iron Lady, Biljana Plavšić, this week escaped a "kidnapping attempt" by SFOR troops. Is this why she is reverting to pro-Milošević politics?

29 May 2000
The Union of Death
Sam Vaknin
This week, Serbia's Black Hand examined as part of this series on Balkan violence.

22 May 2000
Boiling Point
Slavko Živanov
The opposition is in the streets, and Serbia is now in full crisis.

15 May 2000
Tito Is Dead... Long Live Tito!
Brian J Požun
The Former Yugoslavia confronts comrade Josip Broz Tito, 20 years after his death.

15 May 2000
Co-existence in Hardship
Ivo Goldstein
An in-depth look at the causes of the Yugoslav conflicts of the last decade.

2 May 2000
The Myths of Yugoslavia, Part III
Sam Vaknin
The third and final part of this series debunking Balkan misconceptions.

25 April 2000
The Myths of Yugoslavia, Part II
Sam Vaknin
More popular misconceptions of the Balkans debunked.

25 April 2000
Real Resistance
Slavko Živanov
The regime in Belgrade has many reasons to be scared; finally, after ten long years, the opposition is on a winning road, and the ousting of Milošević may not be far off now.

17 April 2000
The Myths of Yugoslavia, Part I
Sam Vaknin
Popular misconceptions of the Balkans debunked.

10 April 2000
Democracy Serbian Style
Slavko Živanov
Democracy in Serbia is hindered by the electorate too.

3 April 2000
Throwing Down the Gauntlet
Artur Nura
Montenegro has always struck a firmly independent course. Now, as liberal politicians in Podgorica call for a reassessment of the country's position within Yugoslavia, Serbia might well be close to using military intervention to retain its only access to the Adriatic.

6 March 2000
The Triple Burden
Židas Daskalovski
All three sides in last year's Kosovo crisis - NATO, Serbia and the KLA - should stand equally condemned.

14 February 2000
Gangsters' Paradise
Židas Daskalovski
On the assassination of Serbia's Defence Minister, Pavle Bulatović.

18 October 1999
The Myth of Greater Albania
Sam Vaknin
Reality doesn't support the concept, or myth, of Greater Albania.

6 September 1999
Retribution in Kosovo
Nataša Kandić
Notes from Nataša Kandić, director of the Fund for Humanitarian Law in Belgrade, describe some of the difficulties in the investigation of atrocities perpetrated by both sides in the conflict and suggest the fate of many of the new disappeared.

16 August 1999
The Bad Blood of Kosovo
Sam Vaknin
Was the Kosovo conflict a result of the legacy of Serbian history?

2 August 1999
Twilight Zone or Dead Zone?
Slavko Zivanov
An alternative to Milošević's autocracy exists at the very core of Serb society and always has.

2 August 1999
A Shadow Serbia
Ladka Bauerova
A conference in Bratislava has brought together members of the international community and Serbia's political opposition.

5 July 1999
Treasure Trove in Kosovo
Sam Vaknin
This is the real Balkan stability pact.

5 July 1999
Mitrovica Alarm
Nexhmedin Spahiu
The plans for partitioning Kosova in practice.

28 June 1999
Serb Proposals for Partitioning Kosova
Nexhmedin Spahiu
Three plans for partition all contain the same flaws.

28 June 1999
The Deadly Antlers of a Dilemma
Sam Vaknin
NATO will crack in Kosovo.

21 June 1999 1999
Why Did Milošević Surrender?
Sam Vaknin
Milošević did not surrender. He entrapped the West in his usual, wily style.

14 June 1999 1999
NATO's Next War
Sam Vaknin
The real, protracted war is about to begin: NATO and the international peacekeeping force against an unholy - and, until recently, improbable - alliance.

7 June 1999
Millenarian Thoughts on Kosovo
Sam Vaknin
The NATO "air campaign" in Kosovo has exposed and brought to culmination a series of historical processes whose importance cannot be exaggerated.

10 May 1999
The Black Birds of Kosova
Sam Vaknin
The real conflict in Kosovo will erupt after the NATO campaign is over and the smoke clears.