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The journal of Central European politics society and culture
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Thematic Archive
Thematic Archive:
Slovenian Society

Articles on Slovenian society which have appeared in past issues of CER.

4 June 2001
Office Politics
Alexei Monroe
An activist group called the Office for Interventions is holding a "Festival of Resistance" in Ljubljana for the Bush-Putin summit. CER asks them about their "happy guerilla" actions.

26 March 2001
Weird Science
Brian J Požun
A young Slovene fools a ministry and the media into thinking he is a world champ.

12 February 2001
The Burden of History
Brian J Požun
Slovenia has little to offer its minority in Italy.

4 December 2000
Growing Pains
Brian J Požun
Though struggling to fit its role as a capital city, Ljubljana could be the next Prague.

18 September 2000
University Challenge
Brian J Požun
Not everybody in Slovenia is happy that Koper might become the country's third university town.

3 July 2000
Second to One
Brian J Požun
Maribor is striving to overcome its second-class status in Slovenia, and success is within reach.

29 May 2000
Facing Down Shooting-up
Brian J Požun
Slovenia faces major drugs problems, but society is fighting back.

22 May 2000
Suicidal Tendencies
Brian J Požun
Slovenes have abandoned the shame surrounding their high suicide rates and have begun to discuss the problem.

9 May 2000
Turning Up the City Heat
Brian J Požun
The integration process brings Slovenia's cities new oppor-tunities and new problems.

2 May 2000
Uncivil Society
Brian J Požun
Only a handful of skinheads marched through the center of Ljubljana to celebrate Hitler's birthday two weeks ago. But despite their small numbers, their very existence speaks volumes about the weakness of civil society in Slovenia.

8 November 1999
Ljubljana University: Between hopes and anxieties
Ales Debeljak
Despite certain improvements, stubborn problems linger in Slovenia's university and educational system.