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The CER Bookshop History books
Selection and commentary by CER staff


  • Berend, Ivan T;
    Central and Eastern Europe, 1944-1993:
    Detour from the Periphery to the Periphery

    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Berend, Ivan T;
    Decades of Crisis: Central and Eastern Europe before World War II
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Castellan, Georges;
    A History of the Romanians
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Crampton, Richard & Crampton, Ben;
    Atlas of Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    A historical atlas of the region (including the Balkans and the Baltics), starting with the events leading up to the First World War. In addition to a detailed overview of the dramatic changes wrought by the turbulent past century upon the region's boundaries, the book includes collections of economic, demographic and political data and an extremely useful glossary of names and their variants.
  • Crampton, R J;
    A Concise History of Bulgaria
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Davies, Norman;
    God's Playground: A History of Poland
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    This two-volume history is engagingly written, interspersing detailed chronological narrative with thematic chapters dealing with topics such as social structure, ethnic minorities and economic development. Although the book has not been updated to include events after the fall of the Communist regime, it remains the best English-language introduction to Poland's history.
  • Eby, Cecil B;
    Hungary at War: Civilians and Soldiers in World War II
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Hoensch, Jorg K & Traynor, Kim;
    A History of Modern Hungary 1867-1994
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Jelavich, Barbara & Jelavich, Charles;
    The Establishment of the Balkan National States, 1804-1920
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Johnson, Lonnie R;
    Central Europe: Enemies, Neighbors, Friends
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    An easy-to-read analysis of the events and tensions that shaped this region.
  • Kersten, Krystyna;
    The Establishment of Communist Rule in Poland, 1943-1948
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    A fascinating political history detailing the establishment of one-party rule in Poland. Kersten examines both the internal mechanics by which the Polish Communists gained ascendancy over their opposition and the foreign policy context which relegated Poland to the Soviet sphere of influence. This edition is a translation of the original Polish work, first published in 1984.
  • Kirschbaum, Stanislav J;
    A History of Slovakia: The Struggle for Survival
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Litvan, Gyorgy;
    The Hungarian Revolution of 1956:
    Reform, Revolt and Repression 1953-1956

    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Livezeanu, Irina;
    Cultural Politics in Greater Romania:
    Regionalism, Nation Building, and Ethnic Struggle. 1918-1930

    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Magosci, Paul R;
    Historical Atlas of East Central Europe
    (A History of East Central Europe, Vol 1)
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    Spans the period from 400 CE to 1992; includes beautiful, colorful maps.
  • Novak, Jan;
    Commies, Crooks, Gypsies, Spooks & Poets:
    Thirteen Books of Prague in the Year of the Great Lice Epidemic

    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Okey, Robin;
    Eastern Europe 1740-1985:
    Feudalism to Communism

    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Pacepa, Ion Mihai;
    Red Horizons:
    The True Story of Nicolae and Elena Ceauşescu's Crimes,
    Lifestyle and Corruption

    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Sayer, Derek;
    The Coasts of Bohemia: A Czech History
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)

    Sayer provides a history of the Czech lands and dispels myths about the country that he believes has often been ignored by the West. It is good for both scholars and those with a general interest in Bohemia. See Jonathan Bolton's review in CER.

  • Sedler, Jean;
    East Central Europe in the Middle Ages, 1000-1500
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Shea, John;
    Macedonia and Greece: The Struggle to Define a New Balkan Nation
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Teich, Mikulas;
    Bohemia in History
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Vaknin, Sam;
    After the Rain: How the West Lost the East
    (from CER)
    CER columnist Sam Vaknin's collected essays on Central and Eastern Europe and how a historic opportunity to unite Europe has been wasted.
  • Wandycz, Piotr S;
    The Price of Freedom: A History of East Central Europe from the Middle Ages to the Present
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    The ongoing struggle for independence and ideals of liberty thread throughout this comparative account of Polish, Hungarian and Czechoslovak history. Beginning his narrative with the advent of Christianity to the region, Wandycz traces issues which continue to affect East Central Europe after Communism. The book contains a detailed chronology and a bibliography organized by chapter.
  • Williams, Kieran;
    The Prague Spring and its Aftermath: Czech Politics 1968-1970
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Zamoyski, Adam;
    The Polish Way: A Thousand Year History of the Poles and Their Culture
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)


After the Rain cover


After the Rain:
How the West Lost the East

Sam Vaknin's book on special offer from CER


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