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Gender Studies
Selection and commentary by
Yulia Melnichuk


  • Aslanbeigui, Nahid; Pressman, Steven & Summerfield, Gale;
    Women in the Age of Economic Transformation:
    Gender Impact of Reforms in Post-Socialist and Developing Countries
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    Who is paying the price of the transformation process and structural change in the developing economies? Women, according to the authors. Drawing from the experiences of developing countries, the authors conduct an extensive empirical analysis of the effect on the social and political condition of women.
  • Attwood, Lynne;
    Red Women on the Silver Screen
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    A three-part book with Attwood giving a history of Soviet cinema, followed by five essays by female Russian critics and interviews with Russian women working in film. More than just a study of Russian cinema, this is a highly readable analysis of the social background to the Soviet years.
  • Berry, Ellen;
    Postcommunism and the Body Politic (Genders, No 22) (1995)
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Bridger, Susan;
    Women and Political Change: Persepctives from East-Central Europe: Selected Papers from the Fifth World Congress of Central and East European Studies (1996)
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    A good introduction to women's issues in the post-socialist countries. Contains an extensive collection of articles on a broad range of issues, from gender aspects of economic and political transition to family changes and socio-cultural contexts of feminist movements in the region. Each article is written by authors from the country discussed.
  • Buckley, Mary;
    Post-Soviet Women: From the Baltic to Central Asia (1996)
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    Another introductory-type book on women's issues in the former Soviet Union, exploring a wide variety of gender issues in economics, the military, politics, society and culture. Its two parts are devoted to Russia and other republics of the former Soviet Union, with special emphasis on women's own perceptions and attitudes.
  • Corrin, Chris;
    Gender and Identity in Central and Eastern Europe (1999)
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Drakulić, Slavenka;
    How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed (1993)
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    One of the first books on everyday lives of women in East and Central Europe. Emotional style, good humor and tons of facts about everyday conditions all help one comprehend the uneasy ways of being a woman in a socialist country.
  • Enloe, Cynthia;
    The Morning After: Sexual Politics at the End of the Cold War
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    A straightforward and bold analysis of relationships between gender, sexuality and militarism in world politics. Also contains prospects for future changes with the end of the Cold War and greater involvement of women in top-level politics.
  • Gal, Susan & Kligman, Gail;
    The Politics of Gender After Socialism: A Comparative Historical Essay (1996)
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Jaquette, Jane & Wolchik, Sharon;
    Women and Democracy: Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe (1998)
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    A distinctive comparative analysis of women's political participation during the move from authoritarianism to democracy in the regions of Latin American and East-Central Europe.
  • Kligman, Gail;
    The Politics of Duplicity: Controlling Reproduction in Ceauşescu's Romania (1998)
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    Public and personal histories of one of the most repressive anti-abortion regimes in Romania, during the times of Ceauşescu.
  • Lobodzinska, Barbara;
    Family, Women and Employment in Central-Eastern Europe
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    One of the first attempts to provide a thorough, statistically supported and interview-based analysis of women's position in the states of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the former GDR, Hungary, Poland, Romania and former Yugoslavia. Issues discussed include legislation, political participation, employment and employment discrimination, social and family services, as well as prevailing attitudes and social norms concerning women.
  • Moghadam, Valentine;
    Democratic Reform and the Position of Women in Transitional Economies (1994)
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    How have transformational processes in the region affected women's positions? A series of works examines developments in Russia, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, former East Germany, Hungary and Bulgaria, concluding that women have been the principal losers in the transition. Contains both theoretical analysis and empirical studies.
  • Ramet, Sabrina;
    Gender Politics in the Western Balkans: Women and Society in Yugoslavia and the Yugoslav Successor States
    (Post-Communist Cultural Studies)
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
  • Renne, Tanya;
    Ana's Land: Sisterhood in Eastern Europe
    (Women in Central & Eastern Europe)
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    Nice book for the first acquaintance with grassroots experiences of women's issues in Eastern and Central Europe. Wide variety of topics in a wide variety of forms—from interviews to scholaraly analyses.
  • Rotkirch, Anna & Haavio-Mannila, Elina;
    Women's Voices in Russia Today (1996)
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    Russian women speak on survival strategies in employment, education, politics, family and everyday life, in a qualitative social research study. Provides plenty of background information and life stories of women's situation in Russia.
  • Rueschemeyer, Marilyn;
    Women in the Politics of Postcommunist Eastern Europe (1998)
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    A series of scholarly essays on the impacts of recent changes in the economy, politics, ideologies and religion on women's lives and women's reaction to them.
  • Winchell, Margaret;
    Armed With Patience: Daily Life in Post-Soviet Russia (1996)
    (from Amazon.com)
    A Western journalist reflects on her stays in Russia. Full of shrewd observations, practical information and humor on women's everyday lives in Russia.
  • Wood, Elizabeth;
    The Baba and the Comrade: Gender and Politics in Revolutionary Russia (1997)
    (from Amazon.com), (from Amazon.co.uk)
    Excellent historical analysis of how female images were constructed in the public sphere by Bolshevik propaganda during the early Soviet years.


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