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The following is a list of Hungarian films available on VHS. Those marked [NTSC] are available in the NTSC format. These videos are intended only for use on American and Canadian machines (although in practice European machines designed to play PAL VHSs can often handle NTSC tapes, sometimes with loss of quality involved) and are sent from the States.

Those marked [PAL] are available in PAL format and are dispatched from the UK. Whilst European machines can often handle American tapes, the converse is not true.

At present there are no Hungarian DVDs available through Amazon. Watch this space, though.

Hungarian Films on VHS

  • Enyedi, Ildikó:
    My Twentieth Century (Az én XX. századom, 1988) [NTSC]
    Depicting a century of wasted opportunties for humanity, this stunning debut won the Palme d'Or at Cannes
  • Enyedi, Ildikó:
    Magic Hunter [NTSC]
  • Gábor, Pál:
    Angi Vera (1978) [PAL]
    A frank and uncompromising view of Stalinist Hungary through the eyes of the enigmatic hero of the film's title.
  • Gazdag, Gyula:
    A Hungarian Fairy Tale (Hol volt, hol nem volt, 1987) [NTSC]
    Gazdag uniquely combines gritty social realism and symbolic poeticism in this quirky tale of a boy searching for his father.
  • Huszárik, Zoltán:
    Sindbad (Szindbád, 1971) [NTSC]
    Exquisite and innovative masterpiece dwelling on Hungarianness, love, regret and death
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  • Jancsó, Miklós:
    The Round-up (Szegénylegények, 1965) [NTSC]
    Totalitarianism examined in this beautifully shot classic of Hungarian cinema set on the Great Plain.
  • Jancsó, Miklós:
    The Red and the White (Csillagosok katonák, 1967) [NTSC]
    More political comment and stylistic innovation from the great Hungarian master as he examines the madness of war.
  • Makk, Károly:
    Love (Szerelem, 1970) [NTSC]
  • Makk, Károly:
    Cat's Play (Macskajáték, 1974) [NTSC]
  • Makk, Károly:
    Another Way (Egymásra nézve, 1982) [NTSC]
    Another Way (Egymásra nézve, 1982) [PAL]
    The pain of breaking society's norms portrayed in this study of lesbianism in 1950s Hungary
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  • Mészáros, Márta:
    The Girl (Eltávozott nap, 1968) [NTSC]
    A girl tracks down her natural mother only to wonder if it was worth the effort.
  • Mészáros, Márta:
    Adoption (Örökbefogadás, 1975) [NTSC]
    Mészáros's first major success with this sensitive semi-documentary story of a middle-aged woman desperate for a daughter.
  • Mészáros, Márta:
    Riddance [NTSC]
  • Szabó, István:
    Father (Apa, 1966) [NTSC]
    Szabó's second film charts the anguishes of a Hungarian generation deprived of fathers by the war.
  • Szabó, István:
    25 Fireman's Street (Tűzolto utca 25, 1973) [NTSC]
  • Szász, János:
    Woyzeck (1994) [NTSC]

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