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Vol 1, No 13
20 September 1999

Cultural news from Poland C U L T U R E   R O U N D - U P:
Poland's Week in Culture

Wojtek Kosc

Monday, 13 September

Malgorzata Musierowicz, one of the most popular and most respected Polish writers for young people released her latest novel, Tygrys i roza (Tiger and Rose). It is yet another volume in her saga about the Borejko family from Poznan, renowned for detailed description of Poland at different, often dramatic moments in recent history (the saga started in the late 1970s).

The 1st Amateur Film Festival in Zielona Gora ended. The festival showed 16 production from young directors of Poland's independent film scene. The Grand Prix was won by Przemyslaw Wojcieszek, who presented a film based on last year's events in Slupsk, when a young basketball fan was allegedly killed by the police.

Tuesday, 14 September

The 69th anniversary of the birth of Piotr Skrzynecki, the legendary founder of the Piwnica pod Baranami (Rams' Cellar) literary cabaret in Krakow, was celebrated. The Cellar's artists performed new songs, some of them dedicated to Skrzynecki, who died in 1997.

Wednesday, 15 September

Plans concerning release of Czeslaw Milosz's collected works were revealed in Warsaw. The series are said to consist of at least 30 volumes and will contain a great deal of Milosz's unknown writings, including interviews, letters and literary criticism.

Thursday, 16 September

The 10th Book Trade Fest in Warsaw began. One of the biggest events of this type in Poland, this year's Fest gathered 203 publishing houses which will display their releases. Czeslaw Milosz will be the honorary guest and will be signing his books on Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, 17 September

The Warsaw Autumn music festival began. This renowned festival presents the achievements of contemporary music in Poland and abroad. Its main attraction this year will be presentation of British and American composers. Apart from that, there will be performances from alternative groups Bang on a Can and Icebreaker, opera music and much more. The festival ends on 25 September. For more details phone 0048 22 831 06 07 or 0048 22 831 16 34.

The National Museum in Wroclaw opened an exhibition devoted to historical ties between south-western Germany and the Silesia region. The exhibition ends on 1 November. For more details phone 0048 71 37 25 150.

Saturday, 18 September

The Archeological Fest in Biskupin began. Biskupin is one of the oldest human settlements in Poland. During the event, archeologists will try to revive ancient ways of life. Visitors will see how tools, jewelry, food and clothes were made thousands years ago. The Archeological Fest is thought as a happening with visitors taking active part so if you are there you will get the chance of trying on ancient clothes, coining your own money etc. For more details phone 0048 52 302 50 25 or 0048 52 560 03 09. The Fest lasts until 26 September.

Sunday, 19 September

The 4th Gombrowicz Festival in Radom began. Witold Gombrowicz, one of the most revered and at the same time very controversial Polish writers of the century is celebrated until 26 September. During the festival visitors will see theater spectacles based on Gombrowicz's writings as well as take part in discussion on the writer. For more details phone 0048 48 36 23 723.

Wojtek Kosc, 20 September 1999




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